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Quality Techniques


The board of a high volume manufacturing organization has hired a quality expert to improve their performance and market position. A report has been prepared recommending tools and approaches to be applied to the manufacturing process. The report includes significant impacts that could generate business benefits, the type of expected business impacts, mechanism by which the business impacts would be generated, and the supporting factors necessary to maximise the results.


A review of customer requirements and customer satisfaction has been made. Availability of a wide variety of choices to the customer has made it imperative for organisations to be customer focussed, and deploy all possible techniques and tools to satisfy customer requirements. Also, deploying quality management techniques has proved to be of economic benefit to organisations. Techniques for improving quality include QFD (quality, reliability and maintainability) for various stages of the product development cycle. Specific tools such as SPC could be deployed to ensure that processes are under control. Processes capabilities should be measured to ensure reliability and maintainability. Recommendations include development of a cross functional team for QFD, and initial training for select individuals for developing competency. Trained individuals would train the rest of the team. Specific programs for QFD, SPC and measurement of process capabilities have been recommended. Communication and education of line workers are essential elements of program implementation. Training and education of line workers has been recommended. Management must be kept informed of program initiatives and results accomplished. This will enable successful execution and integration of the overall quality management program, as continued support from the management is vital for long term success.

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