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Questionnaires/Interviews/Semi-structured Interviews Conducted for Dissertation

Questionnaires are the most prevalent and the easiest to use of the many data gathering tools available. Very affordable to produce and distribute, questionnaires allow researchers to easily gather and compile data because of the rather standardised delivery of answers from respondents.

Interviews, on the other hand, may be defined as a conversation between the researcher and the respondent, wherein the researcher, through conversing with the source, gathers information. This is more time consuming as compared to the use of a questionnaire.

Both methods of data collection are quite common in gathering data for dissertations and research studies. Employing such data gathering techniques may not be taxing, however, both processes do take a bit of time and patience.

For students who are struggling to juggle their dissertations with the rest of their standard curriculum, gathering data may become a challenge. If you find yourself faced with this difficulty, you don't need to look any further. We at Essay Writer offer a data collection service which includes the following:

Conducting interviews
Conducting semi-structured interviews
Distribution and collection of completed questionnaires
Compilation of results

With Essay Writer's data collection service, you will not have to worry about finding respondents who will provide you with the data you need. We can do the leg work for you. If you choose to take advantage of this service, you will simply need to do the following:

Send us your questionnaire
Give us a copy of your interview questions
Specify your target demographic
Specify the number of respondents you intend to get for your dissertation
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We'll get your data, compile it, and send it back to you within your specified deadline. It is all just a click away! Get a price quote and order your dissertation today!

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