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Rail Transport: Fare and Freight

Task 1

1.1 Introduction

-       More infrastructure investments
-       Establishment of Additional rail connections, rail access to more ports
-       Realizing the objectives of the 'Strategic Freight Network' as proposed in the white paper, 'Delivering a sustainable railway' by the Department of Transport
-       Aid and initiatives in simplifying the rail freight sector to aid more private investment and increase access.
-       More harmonized competitive conditions in terms of financial, social and safety related regulations in road/rail transport

Many reasons exist for the rail freight sector's inability capture more market share, lack of flexibility, slow progress of rail reforms, lack of harmonization of regulation and internalization of external costs etc. As these divides are poised to lessen considerably over the years, and keeping in mind the other strategies in place, spoken elsewhere in this paper, the outlook for freight is positive. Environmentally, being in the place that we are right now, it would also be the best thing to happen to the transport sector.

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