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Recommendation for appropriate action to improve the Employee Performance. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

As the engineering Manager, you are responsible for recommending appropriate action to improve the employee performance. Compile a report for your senior management describing how you propose to best manage this problem with your staff: One of your best workers has been recurrently absent for an average of 2 days a week during the last month. She has cited work stress, which has been affecting her health and personal relationship.



Senior management should immediately deal with the appearance of work stress in our company. The above proposals could provide a starting guideline for the creation of a management response to work stress. This response should be standardised for future reference. It can become an employee-oriented technique that ensures the good health and positive attitude of our staff to their work and colleagues. All techniques and stages of this plan to assist against stress should be known and easily accessible to all. Management should also single out additional areas within the work environment that could generate stress and take appropriate action.  

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