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Dissertation Appendix

A dissertation appendix is used to incorporate material into the dissertation without making the paper poorly structured, overly long, or too detailed. In dissertation writing, however, the body of work must be complete even without the appendices. The dissertation itself must contain all of the information including any pertinent diagrams, tables and figures, and the results necessary to support the thesis.

Dissertation appendices can be used to hold essential supporting material that may, if included in the body of work, clutter the text. For example, if a source of information, such as a chart, is referred to constantly within the dissertation, then the chart may be included as an appendix. Here are a few other materials that may be included as part of a dissertation appendix:


  • Supporting evidence
  • Facts that contribute to the dissertation
  • Technical information presented in tables and graphs
  • Raw data gathered through the course of dissertation writing
  • Detailed information about the research instruments used
  • The questionnaire
  • Maps


Formatting the text is important in dissertation appendix writing. Here are a few notes to remember when creating the dissertation appendix:


  • The dissertation appendices must be inserted after the bibliography.
  • Each appendix needs to have a separate page.
  • Appendices should be listed in the dissertation's table of contents.
  • The page numbers of the appendices follow the sequence as that of the body of the text.


Universities have their own guidelines pertaining to the formatting of dissertation appendices, so students need to check these guidelines first before preparing the dissertation appendices.


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