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Reinventing the Airline Industry

This essay will identify and evaluate the resource requirements to implement strategies and also propose targets and timescales for achievement to monitor the strategy. It will compare and contrast how this varies between that of British Airways (BA) and easyJet and how strategic implementation differs between the two. The airline industry is very competitive and is constantly changing; this means that these two organisations will have to have a strategy where they continually adapt to the ever-changing external environment. Therefore a strategic planning tool such as SWOT is needed to identify the internal and external environment.

Strategy Implementation can be defined as:

If BA were to undergo a strategy involving broad objectives such as competing, typically this type of strategic planning would be over a medium term, on a three to five year timescale. However, short-term policies are vital to meet specific targets or developing particular projects. For example, this could involve a specific aspect of competition perhaps by introducing lower fares to some destinations by using cost saving strategies such as less facilities and 'add ons', aiming for a similar degree of 'no frills' for less money. This could perhaps be effective to short-haul destinations where BA is not as competitive against the low cost airlines such as easyJet (Youell, 1998).

This essay has highlighted some of the strategic implementation differences between that of BA and easyJet. It has concluded that there are some major differences in terms of the strategies because both organisations are offering a different product. However, both could learn some strategies from one another, in order to remain competitive in this rapidly changing industry. It has also discussed how strategy implementation is part of the wider strategic planning process and needs to be constantly evaluated in order to survive. Shorter-term strategies are very useful for more instant effects, but some of the major strategies will take longer to implement but will be worthwhile in the future.

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