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Report Outline

Writing reports is an essential part of developing practical skills. Students are guaranteed to eventually find these skills fitting at almost any kind of workplace. Hence, they are oft-assigned to prepare and write such reports.

The primary key to producing a good report is the careful design of the Report Outline. To facilitate such design, students need to take into context the nature of the topic. Components dictated by the report topic are combined with the established requisites of written reports.

This component selection and fusion takes time and can be very challenging. Hence, Essay Writer took it to themselves to create a service that will cater to the needs of students working on the outline. The particular professionals students are expected to work with consist of graduates from top UK universities, as well as, service support talents.

Essay Writer's Report Outline is lauded to cover a comprehensive number of components, some of which are collated below:

  • Sections and Headings. A report will not only be handed in; it is also meant to be presented. To facilitate the seamless delivery of the report, students need to invest time and conscious effort to organise the whole piece.

    The organisation of the report is rendered able with the optimisation of visual dividers. These include sections and headings. They often represent the break and start of a new chapter or section; it is also formatted in a distinct manner (eg, numbered, bulleted, in bold, or italics).

  • Title Page. Pertinent information has to be compiled in the title page. The arrangement, however, is often set in accord to that of the student's institution. Common components include student's name, course name, report title, date of submission, and institution name.

  • Abstract. After completing the full content of the report, students are required to summarise the report's points into one brief but cohesive piece. Creating an abstract out of a report takes numerous attempts as it demands less word and character count, as well as, indicating key concepts.

  • Table of Contents. For long to medium-length reports, a table of contents is a must. Like the abstract, the table is prepared after the whole report is written. Chapter or section titles need to be accurate, as are pages.

  • Methods.How did you conduct your report? Answering this question is at the core of the methods section. Students must specify the sources and tools used. Accuracy is of utmost importance in providing such pertinent details.

  • Results and Discussion. The main chunk of the report is expected to be comprised of results and discussion. This section highlights the effects of the intervention (ie, methodology), coupled with a thorough elaboration.

  • Conclusions and Recommendations. To cap off the written report, an outline will always have to include the concluding parts. Students may also be encouraged to present recommendations.

  • Appendices and Bibliography. Published materials optimised in the report are arranged within the bibliography; the rest of the resources will be placed under the appendices section.

All these make up Essay Writer's standard Report Outline. To get your own outline, contact our customer support advisors via email, phone, or live chat.

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