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Research Paper

Successful research paper writing requires good management of resources such as time, effort as well as reference materials on the topic. Essay Writer has put together practical tips that will enable you to work more efficiently so you can save time on your research papers and produce better output:

Create a task plan. Determine exactly how long it will take you to complete the entire paper and break it down to days and actual hours you plan to work on it. Estimate how much time you need for tasks such as researching online or at the library, taking notes, writing an outline, writing drafts and editing. Being organised will make you make the most out of the time you have.
Prepare a solid thesis statement. A good thesis statement is concise. It should be about a narrowly selected subject whose areas you can easily cover when writing a research paper.
Familiarise yourself with your references. For online materials, use only academic sources or websites and learning portals approved by your tutor. When visiting a library, ask the reference librarian how and where to start navigating their cataloguing system to find a material you need fast.
Create an outline. This will help you organise the information you write and ensure that no relevant idea is left out when you write a research paper.
Take notes as you go through reference materials. Filter relevant information that will make it to your research papers such as statistics and direct quotes. Be sure to double check for errors. For each material you use, take note of the title, author's name, date and page numbers, date and place of publication. This will make it easier for you to write your list of references later on. Colour-code your notes if you think it will help you.


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