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Research proposal for efficient human resource management of Olympics 2008 in Beijing

The following write up is a research proposal for efficient human resource management of Olympics 2008 to be held at Beijing, China. With this event being taking place for the first time in China it is a major event as far as the people and the government are concerned. Olympics are basically a sports event and in 2008 there are about 302 events to be held in 28 various disciplines. Teams from many different countries participate in these events (Olympics, 2006). The arrangements for Olympics 2008 involve a major investment by many leading companies and the government. This whole sports event is considered as a major project and human resource management is one of its core fundamental parts as there are hundreds of workers involved in setting up these events. The research proposal throws light on various areas of research in achieving efficient human resource management in this event. From earlier research conducted it has been seen that for any organisation to be highly resource and energy efficient, effective human resource management is quiet essential. Also a part of the human resource management is the effective project management. Project and human resource management are one of the fundamental operational parts of an organisation.


  1. Introduction: The introduction chapter will notify the reader about what the research study is about (basically mentioning the problems faced) and the scenarios the research work has been conducted and the expected results from the work conducted. The introduction provides an overview to the dissertation and introduces the field of research along with the work to be conducted.
  2. Research Design: This chapter presents the flow of research and the various steps undertaken in this research. It is expected that a flow chart is designed for better understanding on how the research flows. This is an important part of the dissertation as research design provides the key steps and a plan and introduces the way the research has been conducted. A research design is expected to be conducted in an optimal way and this design is expected to be efficient without increasing the overall costs.
  3. Research Methods: This chapter would introduce the various research methods used in the research also presents various reasons on why these methods have been used. This chapter introduces to various data collection strategies used. Also this chapter introduces to various tools and techniques used in the research and provide an introduction to the tools. The methods used in the research must be cost effective and efficient to the research.
  4. Analysis: This chapter presents the data collected by using the various research methods used and comprehensively implements the various tools and techniques. This chapter will clearly explain the various methods used and also introduce the methods to the reader so that the reader is familiar with the methods and can understand the process of usage of these methods.
  5. Results: This is an important chapter as it states the various results and goals achieved in the research and explains the various consequences attached to this. This chapter also mentions the various changes that an organisation needs to undertake to achieve high efficiency. The results reflect on many issues and highlight what changes need to be undertaken. The results also highlight the gravity of the problem and also reflect on how the problems are affecting the organisation in different ways. The results provide a fundamental framework and help in accurately identifying the problems.
  6. Conclusion: This chapter presents a conclusion to the research work done also with a brief introduction to the further research work that is possible and also presents some limitations to the work conducted. This chapter is important as far as a dissertation is concerned as it provides information as to where the research work of the researcher had finished and also explains clearly what was expected and what has been achieved. Also details will be provided on other areas of research and further possible research based on the present research conducted.



This is the research proposal that has main aims to improve the efficiency of human resources in the teams working for Olympics 2008 in China. As this is just a proposal there could be further additional research topics that may included at later stage of the research. This research has a great potential in allowing companies to save up the costs by making them more efficient in every operational process. This proposal presents a brief overview of the expected research that is to be conducted during this calendar year.

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