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RIBA and Mad Hat Cakes Ltd


Mad Hat Cakes Ltd. wants to construct a 2 storey low rise building. The paper discusses important issues such as understanding stages of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) guidelines; traditional procurements; different roles in construction and statutory constraints to which the development will be subjected.


The paper has examined the construction proposal for Mad Hat Cakes Ltd. that wants to develop a vacant space into a new building for it office and units. The traditional procurement model or the design bid build model was recommended since it is not very complex and gives equal importance to cost and time. The model allows the customer to develop the business case, create a brief and budget, and hire consultants. The consultant would hire other contractors, create the designs, get the construction done and make the building ready for use. Important aspects of RIBA have been examined and different work stages discussed. A concise definition for some new job roles and descriptions has also been provided. In addition, guidance notes on constraints for building development have been discussed.

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