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Suggestions and Improvement for a Spam Filter. Illustrate your essay with specific examples

A Spam mail by definition is a mail that has been sent un-solicited and in bulk to many people at one time. A Spam filter is a software which processes incoming mails and blocks out such spam mails.

Spam Filtering software are of various types, and can be broadly classified as Client side filters and Server side filters.

Using Bayesian theorem:

The Bayesian theory is evolving as one of the most fool-proof methods of preventing spam. The Bayesian theory tries to estimate the probability of an event happening based on its occurrence in the past. Adding the Bayesian algorithm to the Python script will involve advanced programming skills where the filter would need to be customized for individual mail boxes. Practical results have shown that a spam filter based on the Bayesian theorem, improves over a period of time and can effectively block up to 99% of the spam with a very low percentage of marking a legitimate mail as spam.

Thus it can be seen that with the evolving methods and techniques of sending out spam the spam filter will need to use one or more methods to prevent spam from entering the mail boxes. Over and above the spam filter would need to constantly evolve and be scalable to incorporate new features or rules to effectively prevent spam.

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