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Tensile Testing

Building Materials used in the Construction Industry

Young's Modulus and Tensile Testing. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.


The design of various construction structures such as buildings, dams, bridges, towers etc. is primarily determined by two major parameters, namely, the strength of the structure and the stiffness of the structure.

While Stress is related to the strength of a material, the Modulus of elasticitydescribes the inherent stiffness of a material.

A Truss loads its members with both tension and compression. The members at pinned at its joints (Moment=0). The triangles provide stability and strength. The top members would be in compression while the bottom members would be in tension.

Thus the design of the bridge can be improved by incorporating a truss structure (triangles), designing a 3-D structure, using short members in compression, using string for tension members, avoiding overloading joints, strengthening base supports and load point and maximizing moment of inertia of cross-section.

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