Terms and Conditions

1. Service Agreement


Essay Writer acts as an agent to facilitate all essay writing services provided by qualified experts to their customers.


Essay Writer agrees to secure a suitably qualified writer to complete a custom-written, original piece of work for the customer.


The customer agrees that the service agreement will commence from the time Essay Writer assigns an expert to complete the essay and the payment is received.


Essay Writer agrees to carry out all of the customer's requirements in accordance to the quality standard chosen by the customer in the essay order page. The customer is entitled to contact Essay Writer within seven days upon the delivery date if they believe that the essay requirements have not been met.


The customer acknowledges that no refunds will be provided once Essay Writer has allocated a writer to complete the custom essay and the payment has been made.


All correspondence between the writer and the customer will be transacted through Essay Writer, which acts as the agent, using the e-mail address and telephone number provided by the customer on the essay order form.


If the customer has supporting information or additional instructions for the writer the customer must send the information via email or fax. Essay Writer cannot accept instructions verbally on the telephone. If the customer insists on giving additional instructions over the phone, the customer agrees that the information provided may not be accurately recorded as verbal communication can lead to errors in specific order requirements.


The customer agrees to provide Essay Writer all necessary requirements before the writer starts the work in order for the writer to complete the essay accordingly. The customer agrees to cooperate with the writer throughout the project if the writer requires any further information or guidance on the work. The customer acknowledges that failure to provide such information during the essay writing process will cause delays in the delivery and therefore Essay Writer will not be held responsible for any loss or damages to the customer.


2. Payment


Essaywriter will only request payment from the customer only after a suitable expert has been assigned to the order. The customer will likewise be informed by e-mail and telephone once an expert has been assigned to the project.


The customer may decide to make the payment for the essay before an expert has been secured. In these circumstances Essay Writer cannot always guarantee an expert will be assigned, in the event Essay Writer cannot secure an expert to complete the essay, a full refund will be issued to the customer.


In the event Essay Writer agrees to give a refund to the customer in full or in part, the refund will be made to the credit or debit card that the customer used to make the initial payment. If no debit/credit card was used Essay Writer will offer the customer a refund via bank transfer or credit towards a future order. All refunds are made at the discretion of Essay Writer.


3. Confidentiality


Essay Writer abides by the Data Protection Act 1998 and agrees that all personal details provided by the customer will be held in strict confidence.


The customer acknowledges that no personal information will be disclosed to any third party by Essay Writer unless they have reason to believe it is a fraudulent order or if required by law.


The customer agrees that Essay Writer will act as an agent or intermediary for the correspondence between the customer and the writer for confidentiality purposes.


4. On-Time Delivery


Essaywriter guarantees to the customer that all essays will be delivered to them on or before the agreed deadline; otherwise, they will be entitled to have their payment back in full.


The customer agrees that the essay will be delivered to them via email on or before midnight on the due date. If the deadline falls on a non-working day including but not limited to Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's and New Year's Day, the work will be delivered the next working day. It is the discretion of Essay Writer to deliver an order on a non-working day


The customer agrees that this guarantee does not apply in circumstances where Essay Writer can show evidence that the work was indeed returned to them on time. Further, Essay Writer will not be held liable where any lateness of the work was due to technical faults or issues relating to ISPs and Email providers.


If the customer does not receive their completed work on the due date, then the customer agrees to contact Essay Writer the next working day by telephone and email so that a member of staff can assist the customer in working together to help the customer receive their work. If the customer does not contact Essay Writer the next working day then they will not be entitled to have a refund. Additionally if Essay Writer is able to demonstrate that they did attempt to send the completed work to the customer then the customer has no rights to any recourse of funds against Essay Writer.


In cases where the customer extends or provides a new deadline and it is met by the writer, the full money back guarantee does not apply.


Where the customer agreed to receive the work in parts, the On Time Delivery Guarantee applies to the final deadline of the order only.


The customer agrees to send all files as well as relevant information for the completion of their work before the writer starts the work. Essay Writer will not be held liable for any delays caused by late receipt of files and additional information. In this case, the On Time Delivery Guarantee is not applicable.


Essay Writer will have no obligation in relation to the On Time Guarantee where a delay has been caused by the customer failing to pay an outstanding balance on the agreed dates.


If the Customer decides to wait longer to contact Essay Writer of non-delivery, they agree that they do so at their own risk and that Essay Writer will not be held responsible for any delay to the Customer. If requested, Essay Writer will provide proof that the essay was completed by the expert on time and uploaded, or that the essay was available to the customer on time, or proof that technical difficulties prevented the essay being delivered on time. If Essay Writer is able to prove at least one of these then the customer will not be entitled to any refund or discount; otherwise if Essay Writer cannot prove at least one of the circumstances occurred the customer will be entitled to a full refund and their work for free. The customer agrees that they cannot seek any other recourse to a refund for delivery problems.


Should an order result to a full refund, Essay Writer considers the transaction cancelled; the contract with the customer becomes null and void. The writer will then retain the copyright of the work and have the right to publish the piece as a sample of their own work or sell it to a third party company.


5. 2:1 Standard Guarantee


Essay Writer guarantees that the completed work will be to a 2:1 standard if the customer orders 2:1 standard work.


If on delivery of the order, the writer's work does not meet 2:1 standard and the customer ordered 2:1 standard, the customer is entitled to a full refund.


All work will be checked by the in house quality control team, if it passes the quality control processing, it is assumed that the work is to the required standard.


If the customer chooses to have the work amended, then the 2:1 standard guarantee does not apply.


If the customer disputes the quality standard of the work delivered they must show feedback provided by a qualified expert within seven days of receiving the work.


If the customer can provide reasonable evidence within seven days of receiving the work by email to show that the work is not of a 2:1 standard, Essay Writer will review the evidence and make a decision based on all information provided. In the event that the quality control team disputes the feedback provided by the customer Essay Writer may pass the work and the feedback to a third party expert for analysis.


If the customer's original order specifications are vague and are open to interpretation the quality standard of the work cannot be guaranteed as it would be impossible for the writer to presume all requirements have been met, therefore no refund will be given.


Essay Writer has the final decision of any dispute regarding the quality standard guarantee, on making a decision the customer will be provided with a detailed explanation from a suitably qualified expert.


This guarantee applies only if the Customer orders 2.1 standard work.


6. Writer Availability Guarantee


After a writer has been assigned to the order and the payment has been made, if for any reason the writer drops out of the work before the deadline date, Essay Writer will assist the customer to assign a new writer to enable to complete the work to the original due date, or alternatively if the customer is flexible with the time scale, Essay Writer and the customer will set a new deadline for the completion of the work. If Essay Writer can not reassign the order to a new writer, a full refund will be issued to the customer.


7. UK Experts Only Guarantee


Essay Writer will only assign a suitably qualified writer in the chosen subject area and Essay Writer will only assign work to a writer who has graduated from a recognised UK University.


8. Dedicated Customer Support Advisor Guarantee


Essay Writer will dedicate an individual customer support advisor to facilitate the customer's order from start to finish. If the support advisor is not available the customer's enquiry will be dealt with by an equally qualified team member.


9. Fast Email Response Guarantee


Essay Writer will reply to all email enquires within one hour between the opening times shown on the website. Due to the popularity of the service Essay Writer does experience busy periods where the customers' reply would be delayed, however Essay Writer will always try to respond to all email enquires as quick as possible. Essay Writer will not be liable for delayed email responses where email providers are experiencing technical difficulties.


10. Free 500 Words Sample Guarantee


The customer may request a 500 word sample work from the assigned writer after the full payment has been made. If the customer provides a reasonable explanation for not wanting to proceed with the original writer, Essay Writer will review the work and reassign the order to another suitable writer.


Essay Writer reserves the right to not provide a free 500 word sample if they have reason to believe the customer is not making a genuine order.


This guarantee only applies to order in excess of 10,000 words.


11. Free Guidance In Locating Your Reference Guarantee


If the customer has difficulty in locating the sources used by the writer, Essay Writer will assist the customer in tracking down the source by providing the customer with th URL link for the Journal, or direct them to where they can locate the text book from, if the customer requires a copy of the journal or the text book to be sent to them, there will be an additional cost.


12. The Scheduling Agreement For Receiving Your Dissertation By Chapters Guarantee


Essay Writer can schedule a chapter by chapter delivery of works to all dissertation orders if requested by the customer.


Essay Writer reserves the right to not deliver the work in part if there is an outstanding balance due, or there is not enough time for the writer to wait for the feedback from the customer due to the short period of time provided by the customer.


13. £1000 No Plagarism Guarantee


Essay Writer undertakes that all work supplied to the customer are fully referenced personalised essays, fully scanned against plagiarism and written only by qualified professional researchers.


Essay Writer agrees that if the customer has found plagiarism in the work, the customer will receive £1000 from the writer.


The definition of plagiarism constitutes the unauthorised use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work whether it be copied or paraphrased from a book, journal or website. It does not include instances where general mis-referencing have occurred and the texts have been acknowledged in the reference list.


This guarantee does not apply if Essay Writer has detected the plagiarism before the work has been sent to the customer. Where Essay Witer finds that the work has been plagiarised through the quality control procedure, the customer will be offered the choice of having their money refunded or the work being rewritten by a different writer.


In circumstances where plagiarism has been detected, the customer must contact Essay Writer within 24 hours of their order being delivered by notifying of the exact act of plagiarism. This must be done by email to [email protected] as well as by telephone.


In cases, where minor Plagiarism has been detected and it is quite clear that it is an obvious mistake by the researcher then the £1000 No Plagiarism Guarantee will not be paid. Essay Writer will then carefully review the work and make a decision, taking into consideration all circumstances and the writer's profile and history with Essay Writer. Essay Writer will make the final decision as to whether the guarantee is payable or not.


Where allegations of plagiarism are not clear, Essay Writer will review the work based on the customer's comments and will ask another expert to evaluate the work should the need arise.


The £1000 No Plagiarism Guarantee does not apply in all cases where the customer has required the writer to include specific texts which are found to be plagiarised. It is the customer's duty to provide the correct reference for the said text.


The £1000 No Plagiarism Guarantee does not apply in cases where Essay Writer have improved or edited the customer's own work.


If confirmed that the work is plagiarised, Essay Writer will assist the customer in recovering the £1000 bond from the writer. Acting as agent between the client and the writer, no payment of £1000 will be made by Essay Writer although the company will facilitate this on behalf of the client.


14. Amendments to Jobs in Progress


The customer agrees that only the instructions given on the website's order form are binding. Where there is supporting information and files that are important in completing the work, the customer agrees to send everything on the same day they place the order or before the payment is received at the latest.


For information sent when the work is already in progress, Essay Writer cannot guarantee that these will be included in the completed work though Essay Writer will make sure that the writer receives the additional information.


The customer may not make any changes to the original order requirements after receipt of payment as the writer bid on the order based on the original requirements. The writer may charge the customer an additional fee for amendments to the order if the request contravenes with the original specifications, or additional requests were made; alternatively Essay Writer may re-assign the work to a different writer at the earliest possible time without notifying the customer. For any delay caused, Essay Writer will not be held liable and the On-time Delivery Guarantee will not apply.


15. Amendments


Essay Writer undertakes that if the original order requirements were not met, the work will be revised based on the customer's amendment request within seven days after delivery of the order or longer if the customer has paid an extra fee for extended amendment period.


The customer agrees to send one detailed amendment request only, outlining all the required changes and issues found in the work. Essay Writer will send the request to the writer within 24 hours of receipt of the said request for revision. The writer will review the request and only if the request is reasonable will then make the changes. The deadline for the amended work will be arranged between Essay Writer and the customer depending on the amount of changes to be made.


In cases where the original amendment request has not been fully met, the customer may send the essay back for further revisions until the writer has fulfilled the request. The customer can not request any additional changes to be made while the essay is being amended. Further, the customer can not ask for further changes after the writer has completely complied with the original amendment request.


If the customer requests revisions to the work after the expiry of their amendment period or if the requests for changes are not in line with the original order requirements, the writer may provide a reasonable price quote for the amendments. The customer understands that the writer can only start working on the additional changes once the additional payment is received.


In the event of a dispute between the customer and the writer regarding the amendment request, Essay Writer will look into the customer's request and writer's comments by conducting an analysis of the work to assess whether the amendment request is valid. If an agreement cannot be made between the customer and the expert Essay Writer will use its discretion when deciding to either reassign the order to a different writer or give a partial refund to the customer.


16. Copyright


The customer agrees that they do not hold the copyright of the work supplied to them by Essay Writer.


The customer understands that the piece received from Essay Writer should be used solely for research purposes only and not to be passed off or handed in to any university or institution as their own work in full or in part. Essay Writer as well as its writers do not support this type of activity and will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of their services.


In all cases, the customer undertakes that the work completed for them by Essay Writer will never be resold, distributed, or posted on any website as they do not obtain the copyright to it.


Essay Writer agrees that it will not publish, resell, nor distribute the work it has completed for the customer. Essay Writer further acknowledges that it will never post the work it has delivered to a customer on any website or essay database.


The customer accepts that if proven that the work has been used or handed in to the university as their own, Essay Writer may choose not to provide a service to the customer again. Essay Writer will not be held liable for the undetected and or unauthorised use of the work.


17. Final Degree Mark


Essay Writer agrees to supply work to the customer of a 1st, 2:1, 2:2 or equivalent standard, and that it is the customer's responsibility to check the work they receive and ensure that they are satisfied it meets the standard they ordered.


If the customer finds that the work is not to the standard they required, they can send it back for revision during their seven day free amendment period. This will be done in writing to the relevant email address.


The customer agrees that in no way does the 2:2, 2:1 or 1st standard constitute a guarantee of the mark awarded to the submission of the customer's work. The company does not guarantee any customer's final mark.


18. General Provisions


The customer acknowledges that once an order is paid for, Essay Writer begins work and that the order may not be cancelled.


The customer agrees to be bound by Essay Writer's refund policies. Due to the specialist type of service provided, only in exceptional circumstances where there has been non delivery of an order or the expert is unable to amend an order for the customer, Essay Writer may at its discretion provide a partial/full refund or discount for any future order to the customer.


The customer agrees that Essay Writer provides all services subject to availability and that the services are being provided strictly as an academic support service. Essay writer does not offer any professional advice.


The customer also undertakes that the information given to them either on the phone or through email are the employees or the writers' opinions only and should not be treated as advice. Any opinions made by Essay Writer's employees or affiliates are that of the individual and may not be taken to be the opinion of the company.


The customer agrees that they should not rely on Essay Writer's research to an extent that any delay in delivery may cause any coursework deadlines to be missed, provided Essay Writer has met the requested deadline.


The customer accepts that if they use the work produced by Essaywriter in full or in part, they relinquish all claims stipulated above as the act constitutes a breach of contract.


Essay Writer reserves the right to refuse or complete any order if there is reason to believe the customer is intending to use the work as their own as this is breaching of all the terms in this agreement.


The customer agrees that they take full responsibility when ordering work from Essay Writer and that Essay Writer is not liable for any decisions taken on behalf of the customer. The customer should always check with their university guidelines to make sure that purchasing from Essay Writer does not contravene their university's' rules.


These Terms and Conditions are not intended to be enforceable by any third party as provided by the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.


Essay Writer reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions from time to time.