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The Active Role of the Butler in Today's Hotel Industry. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

The researcher presents a rigorous academic study based upon the role of butlers within the context of a five star hotel. The researcher will seek to obtain empirical data which will be derived from a corporate hotel to assist in meeting the aims of this research project. The researcher will be explicit and critical in his approach and will seek to keep any ideological bias when accumulating the primary data to a minimum.

The researcher would like to thank his tutor for his precious time and help in developing critical thinking skills and suggesting improvements to the work. Similarly, the researcher is extremely grateful towards the interviewees who participated in the research. Their involvement was pivotal in generating objective and valuable data in investigating the true efficacy and deciphering any underlying myths correlated to the research topic. The research study stands the researcher in good stead in carrying out such similar research studies in the future.

Similarly, grooming is also purposely kept separate from standard regimes in other organisations to ensure that consumers do not link the two which is likely to increase perceived risk given the lax approaches of lower standard hotels. The following chapter will present the conclusion.

The research question was -
Should Butlers be considered as housekeeping managers within a corporate environment given the holistic nature of their role?
Based on the primary and secondary data the answer is yes. The literature review provides concepts and ideas which extend upon the responsibilities of butlers within a corporate setting. The empirical data provided up to date data analysis which accentuated the literature review arguments as premised by theorists. Based on the research conducted butlers are perceived as being housekeepers who have a large amount of roles which extend beyond standardised roles seen within normal hotels. Corporate hotels today need to act in accordance with measures as enlisted by various regulatory bodies which include health and safety, good structural settings and price sensitivity to remain viable within a competitive environment. Evidence from the Guardian (March 2009) states that corporate hotels need to provide unique services to attract a wide range of clientele and that such services need to extend beyond the menu list. Corporate hotels operate in an extremely competitive environment where tourism is the name of the game. Data from the guardian states that tourism in the UK whilst may have declined in the fourth quarter of 2008 remained stable for London. Being the capital, most tourists would naturally visit the capital. Many competitions are held in Europe which include the European champion's league and the Olympics due to be held in 2012. Thus there is additional accountability attached to corporate hotels to maintain a service which differentiates them from the mainstream standards settings preserved for the more financially conscious. The research whilst providing data about one particularly hotel does not necessarily reflect what is occurring in other corporate settings. The Westminster hotel's butler service is thorough and relative of clientele demands but the empirical data is largely subjective and may involve ideological bias. However, it can be premised that the small scale study did provide results which generally tied in which what had already documented by previous studies. As a recommendation further studies could be carried out which would most likely yield widespread and insightful data sufficient to cite a more objective conclusion on the performance of butlers and eradicate generalisations. Such a large scale study could solicit primary data from the northern and southern areas of the UK to alleviate the impact of any cultural or geographical stigma i.e. hotels in London are more posh and so work harder to please their clientele. Small scale studies are susceptible to instigating subjective options and this need to be appreciated. Additional recommendations as enlisted by the primary data suggest that better time management is required. Butlers must not overburden themselves to the extent that tasks are disproportionate to time availability. On a general basis though the research provides some transparency behind the butler workload and thus a conclusion can be drawn within the context of the research study. The data signifies that personal dining services are high on the list of priorities. This is a key element that differentiates normal butlers in a normal setting and corporate butlers in corporate settings. Evidently, this is the reason why one should refer to them as housekeepers given their distinctiveness in service and dress sense.

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