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The Differences in Consumer Behaviour between Buying Fine Arts On-Line and Traditional Purchased Method


The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy the target customers' needs, demands and wants. The field of consumer behaviour examines how the individuals, groups and organizations choose, purchase, use and dispose the products, ideas and services or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants. It is important for companies to understand consumer behaviour and to know their customers, and this has never been an easy task for the companies or the sellers to understand (Kotler 2003, p. 182).


It is important to understand the target customers' motivations, needs and preferences as it can improve the ability of companies in earning and gaining profits. Studying and understanding the customers can provide the basis for companies to be able to develop and improve new products, product features, prices, distribution and other elements of the marketing mix, so that the companies can then increase the volume of their sales and profits (Kotler 2003, p. 183).

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