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The Effective College Lecturer


Education is the gateway to better understanding, cultural refinement and financial means. School education offers basic information on various topics, whereas college education provides specialized instruction and information, making way for a person to follow and practice in a specific field.

 In recent times, more importance is given for innovative techniques in Education. There is a shift from 'teacher-centred' learning to 'student-teacher-centred' learning. A good lecturer has certain unique characteristics of planning the curriculum to the smallest detail, and making allowance for unexpected circumstances. They must choose teaching strategies that include variety, invite groups of diverse learners, and value varying opinions regarding the topic.

A good lecturer must show enthusiasm, have a dynamic personality, high motivation with a well balanced temperament. A well planned lecture with use of audio visual presentations and open discussions helps to make teaching a very lively and memorable profession. Finally the most memorable and loved teacher is approachable and always carries a smile on the face. A full package of good personality, combined with good values and appropriate qualifications; and a holistic approach toward teaching; all combine to make the ideal and effective college-lecturer.

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