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The Impact of New Teaching and Learning Strategy at Harlow College


The terms 'adult learning' and 'further education' are familiar but difficult concepts in the modern day education scenario in the U.K because of its many diverse forms which incorporate general and vocational training. These terms have invited widespread debates, cutting across political parties and intellectuals, and procured reports and reviews resulting in the formation and implementation of diverse strategies across the country.

The changes in the further education sector have been overwhelming and demanding, however well-meant they may be. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that colleges like Harlow find it difficult to keep pace with this barrage of changes in teaching and learning strategy which demands a fast track delivery for greater achievement.

Thus, taking into consideration all the changes in the post-16 sector and the observations in the Ofsted reports, it is no wonder that the college has been unsuccessful in implementing the new strategies. Yet, a close view of the overall assessment of the performance of the college ,during and after the implementation of the new teaching and learning strategy, speaks of some consistency and improvement at Harlow that are not below the national framework standards. The new strategy will take some time to fully integrate into the system and flourish. Meanwhile, this educational institution will race forward, aiming at excellence, enriched with its experiences.

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