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The Influence of Commercial Air Transport to The Development of International Tourism

Tourism industry is becoming a very important business in many developing countries. In some countries such as Maldives, tourism industry is the only business that earns the main income for the country. With a healthy development in air commercial transport, it makes travelling a lot easier for tourist makers and holiday planners (Font et al 2006, p. 51-55). The development of commercial transport accelerates the growth of international tourism. At the same time, the expansion of international tourism creates a new chapter in transport industry.

Today, travellers and tourists have many choices of transports to choose from. They can decide to travel by buses, trains, cruise or flights. The choice depends on budget and destination. Take the example of travelling from London to Paris. Some people may prefer flights as it is quicker than other modes. With the development of no-frill airline, some time people feel that the airfare of discount airline is nearly free. On the other hand, some may enjoy travelling by train with Eurostar as they hate flying.


According to the discussion in this paper, it can be presumed that the development of international tourism cannot be progressed rapidly without the support of air commercial transport, hospitality, technology and the desire to travel. However, based on the discussion, air transport helps making the desire of visiting other countries become realistic as it is the only mean that can really take tourists to their dream destinations in different countries and continents.

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