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The New Wimbledon Theatre

Theatres are part of performing arts and mainly focus on live performances in drama, illusionary creations, acrobatic presentations, dance, and music, among others. Derived from its meaning, a theatre is a place that engages its occupants in seeing or watching acts of arts being performed. There are various types of theatres; a theatre can be professional or an amateur in nature, resident or producing, rental or presenting theatre, each category is usually designed to suit its purpose in relation to the environmental factors, the type of audience it targets and the types of arts to be performed in it. The main categories of theatre are drama, musical and comedy. When designing a theatre, there are special features that need to be put in place, the distribution of the chairs, the material to be used on the walls, the lighting system, the sound effect in the room, the height of the roof, the shape of the interior space and the effects on the walls are some of the important aspects that need to be considered (Urbersfeld, et al, 1999).

The content that is involved in the dramatic spaces can either be logical or subsets of binary functioning, which include objects and props paintings and characters assist in creating a certain theme to the theatre. Disjunctive functioning of the objects created in the theatre and the semanticised features which can be closed or open, circular or linear, continuous or broken, high or low in depth or surface, all contribute to the spacial features of theatre. However, one would argue how the spacial features of the theatre relate to the plays that are being performed. If examined from a critical point of view the theatre should only provide venue to perform the art and give comfort to the audience. The view that spacial features of a theatre create the prevailing culture among the audience and that they are a sign of spiritual elevation by giving a distinctive value to the arts that are performed within the theatre can only be supported if the said theatre is solely built to perform given the kind of art; for example, African finished theatre designed to host only African related themes. Apart from the interior design, special space also refers to the surrounding environment of the theatre; they are other recreational facilities within the vicinity. Factors like accessibility should be put into consideration to give a theatre a complete sense in terms of attracting customers and adding value to its existence .The external space will play a better role in promoting business than setting the theme of the arts to be performed (Urbersfeld et al, 1999).
During the Second World War, the then Wimbledon theatre was destroyed including the statue that made the building a landmark. In the 1960s, the theatre was at the verge of closure due to its poor state. The closure was however blocked by local campaigners after the local council purchased the building from the Mulholland family. After intensive refurbishing of the theatre, it was re opened in November 1968 and was under the new management of the Merton Civic Theatre Trust. The stage has a depth of 40 ft, a width of 34 ft and a height of 52 ft. It is remembered for hosting the final London Show of Marlene Dietrich in 1975 (The Music Hall Theatre Site, 2009).The New Wimbledon Theatre in one of the renowned places in London, situated on the Broadway, the theatre has a capacity of 1700 seats  based on three levels, the studio is made up of 50 -80 seats. The theatre was designed by Cecil Masey and Roy Young and opened its doors to the public in 1910. Previously the theatre was known as Wimbledon Theatre before being taken over by the Ambassador Theatre Group and renamed to the New Wimbledon Theatre.

The Theatre is made up of Georgian and Italian decorations that are made in cream and white, blue, gold, rose pink and brown in colour. This shade of the colours can give the room an ambience of variety to suit a number of scenarios, creating a confusing illusion to the audience or alternatively assisting with the lighting effect of the theatre. The entire lighting system of the theatre is warm so it gives the audience a feeling of warmth and comfort although not all the visitors to the place may appreciate the collection of colours used because they have some confusing effect on the interior side of the theatre.

The New Wimbledon theatre has undergone transformation since it was first built by the initial owners. The structural changes have led to the development of a world class entertainment theatre that has all the desired qualities of a modern theatre. It has unique features although they may give contradicting effects to audiences. The strategic location gives it an added advantage in terms of accessibility and sufficient alternative recreational facilities raise the value of the theatre (Leach, 2008).

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