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The Royal Conference and Banqueting Centre


The following write up is the design of a new conference centre called 'The Royal Conference and Banqueting centre' and is centrally located in the heart of London. This banquet hall and restaurant has the capacity of holding more than 300 people at any time and has a good capacity kitchen facilities with excellent staff and chefs with good experience in serving food from different countries.

Keeping the customer's health and safety in mind all employees must follow the health and safety rules and they must be in context with the vision of the company. It's the organisation's duty to provide safe and secure environment. The health and safety rules to be followed by the employees are

  • All employees must wash their hands up to the middle of their hands with the soap provided. They must wet their hands first with warm water provided then apply soap and wash it clean. Then they must air dry their hands. Every employee must wash their hands every half an hour.
  • No employee is allowed to touch food or the material to make food dishes with their bare hands. Always use the right food handling procedure to prevent contamination. To handle food all employees need to use the spoons or tongs provided. To prevent contamination leading to ethical issues, all vegetarian food must be handled with equipment and tools marked in Green colour. In certain circumstances touching of food may become inevitable and in such cases always use plastic gloves provided. Once the use is over the gloves need to be dropped in the waste bin to prevent contamination.
  • All employees are provided with manual handling training. The posters explaining manual handling are displayed at every section of the delivery and kitchen areas.
  • When there is a spillage on any part of the conference centre, immediately one staff member must stand at the location of the spillage and prevent any other person to walk through the spillage. Next they need to call the other member of staff for assistance. The other member of staff must immediately get a mop and a bucket along with a "Danger" sign clearly indicating the spillage area and then perform a clear up.
  • The COSHH assessments must be up to date and a copy of the assessments must be placed in an accessible area. All employees must be aware of dangerous chemicals used in the company. Chemicals such as degreasers are used for cleaning purposes.
  • All employees must be trained to fire evacuation procedures. They must be trained to use the fire alarm and also fire extinguishers. All employees must also be made aware of dangerous machines such as compactors, heaters, stoves, high temperature plates, microwave and ovens. They need to be trained to use equipments safely.
  • At various places in the conference centre there are fire extinguishers placed to prevent the hazard of fire. All the staff must be trained to use a fire extinguisher.

Conclusion: This write-up is the basic design of a food production unit and a conference centre and a banquet hall that effectively serves more than 300 people under two modes of operation. Also suggestions have been presented for effective working of the conference centre in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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