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To examine the concept and relevance of e-commerce with the help of Tesco Direct case


The internet has become a truly interactive medium and consequently, is opening new avenues and opportunities for organizations (Harry, 2001). Web sites are used for many purposes. Organizations use their web site to provide information to their stakeholders about the organization, ranging from its origin, business mission and areas of activity, standards and values, brands, financial performance, job opportunities and contact points through to quite specific information about products and their applications. E-commerce involves the use of web sites and e-mail to inform customers about a product, solicit their questions and accept their questions directly through the electronic medium (Karayanni & Baltas, 2003). In simplistic terms, e-commerce is the concept of selling and making transactions on the internet or the World Wide Web. The transaction can take any shape or form and can be between business to consumer or business to business. 'Online sales are not just the wave of the future: They're the wave of the present.' You should be riding that wave.' (Simmons,2007; pg76). The study examines the relevance of e-commerce within the context of current business climate. It takes the case of and Tesco Direct (Tesco's online subsidiary) to highlight the importance of e-commerce activities.


The most powerful internet marketing ideas are simple, and adhere to the same rules. Creating simple, but powerful differentiation in the minds of the customers, staff, all of the stakeholders, requires a clear and compelling message that is expressed in everything a company does; from product to service, through environments, to the people they hire and the way they market themselves. Maintaining this simplicity throughout the complex online transaction processes is a considerable task which requires absolute focus, passion and conviction. Although E-commerce does increase sales and is a good medium to communicate with the customers, it is slowly becoming as competitive as traditional retailing / selling. Organizations need to have compeitive strategies, resources and execution abilities to be successful in their web commerce activities. Because of the internet, the speed of the business is accelerating all the time. Online shopping has led to even faster cycle times and cost reductions. To beat competition, organizations have to work faster and smarter with their e-commerce activities. Successful e-commerce sites have an eye on desirable economic outcomes and successful organizations make sure that they establish what they are trying to accomplish with their online marketing efforts.

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