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Transplanting Management: Participative Change, Organizational Development, and the Glocalization of Corporate Culture

1. Introduction

Change management has been an important area of study for the researchers as the increasing forces of globalisation and the observed clashes between the cultures of companies and countries create issues related to compatibility. Organisational Development and Change management processes are aimed at overcoming the resistances and bringing out the intended changes (Rees & Sharifi, 2002). Organisations face a number of issues in carrying out this process. The research paper by Raz (2009) presents a case study to illustrate the Organisational Development and Change process. This essay attempts to critically review the research article in order to summarise, and identify the critical theories, strengths and weaknesses of the article.

5. Conclusion

The research article by Raz (2009) presents a case study to illustrate the cross-cultural change caused by OD&C process. The author concludes that between "corporate culture" and "national culture" there lies an arena of "workplace culture" which offers scope for negotiations between the other two conflicting cultures. The research article makes conclusions which could be of significant value to the managers at multi-national companies which have been adapting to the forces to globalisation. The findings by this research open up new avenues for research in this burgeoning area of planned change management. The cultural gaps as identified in the case study could be of particular interest to managers overseeing operations in developing economies such as India and China.

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