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Treatment of Original Feature Film/TV Film. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

The year is 202 BC. Dwelling in rural China is a flourishing tribe derived from the Manchu. They're a self sufficient community that focus their efforts on farming and martial arts and traditions. They are led by a man named Delun. He is a wise man with a great devotion to his people. Over the past few years Delun had led his tribe through the unification of Middle China and into the Han Dynasty with reasonable success. But now he feared for their future.

Though the tribe had remained relatively unaffected for the remainder of Emperor Ziying's reign and the last of the Qin Dynasty, China was now beginning to develop, making hugeadvances in the arts but in particular in the sciences. The Han Dynasty had begun to push China into a new modern era and Delun feared that the modernisation arriving in China would force his people to abandon their ways and traditions and in so doing lose what was a harmonious and easy way of life, but more seriously given the news that he had received of late, he feared that the new Han Emperor would attack and wipe out his people in order to make his advances and extend his borders.

By the time Jiao heard what Wu had done she was too late to warn her people. They were completely destroyed and her family now gone forever. Jiao now needed to make a decision - her first duty was to her tribe and she could not forgive anybody for doing the irreparable damage that Wu had done. Her agreement with Wu had been broken and she was therefore free to do as she pleased. It was now demanded of her by her duty, that she do the only honourable thing she could to support the tribe that she adored so much.

That night was meant to be the night that Jiao would poison the Emperor with a glass of wine that had been laced with arsenic. But Jiao now decided to change her plan. She danced for the Emperor as always but it would be the last. She poured her heart and soul into the performance. When she had finished she took a glass of wine and toasted the Emperor. She raised the glass and then put it to her lips. She drank the entire glass in one gulp and continued to dance. A very short time after that Jiao's dancing began to flow oddly. She seemed disorientated and Wu began to feel threatened by her movement. Suspecting she had found out about his military decision, Wu took his sword and lunged at Jiao. But he was too late. He realised quickly that what lay attached to the end of his sword was already dead. Wu took her glass smelling the arsenic and realised it had been meant for him. Wu couldn't help tears rolling down his cheeks, both in relief and sadness,

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