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Types of Digital Crimes

Electronic Spamming

Khosrowpour (2000) defines electronic spam as a single message transmitted unsolicited to multiple recipients; recipients do not personally know the sender and consider the content of the message to be offensive. Spamming essentially proves to be a low cost option to advertisers and marketers across the globe to communicate the brands they sell and their attributes to prospective consumers across the globe. This renders the marketing communication department of any company the most economically viable means of reaching out to a wider audience within the consumer market.

While there isn't necessarily any sophisticated software available to detect phishing attacks, some proactive and precautionary measures taken by the common man should prove adequate to shield them from phishing attacks. The cardinal rules to follow when it comes to handling one's financial affairs should be to be careful about their personal account details, and not divulge them to anyone, nor should these be scrawled on a paper or left around for others to view. A second standing guideline to follow is to never use a website link to access one's account, but to always type in the URL in the address location field to navigate to one's bank account website, from where the user can log on to his individual account.

For organisations, it becomes doubly important to take preventive measures against them being targeted for phishing attacks - (a) they need to be able to retain the confidence of their account holders, who would possibly switch over to 'safer' account institutions if targeted by a phishing attack and (b) they would be open to financial risk of a phishing attack is successful, and an account holder finds himself swindled of his money. Accordingly, it is important for these organisations to reiterate to their customers that their representatives and employees would never ask the account holders for their personal details, and should such a query ever be faced by the users, they should be reported to the Information Security officer of the bank in question.

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