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Undergraduate Level

As an integral part of your student life, your coursework should be a venue where you can demonstrate your research and writing skills. Any written work that you have to hand in to your professor is an additional load to your expanding list of responsibilities. You have to complete everything that is required since it hugely contributes to your overall academic performance.

The objective is for your professor to be able to track your progress by the amount and quality of work you have rendered. That involves writing essays, outlines, dissertations and proposals, among others, so the best approach is to take every aspect of your coursework seriously. That does not include the effort you have rendered in contending with the changing criteria and system of marking, which you have to keep track diligently as well. Most of the time, these concerns can be a lot more pressing and frustrating for you, especially when you have no idea where to start or how to go about your coursework. All your tasks must be done successfully, otherwise, all that you have worked hard for just to get to an undergraduate level will be put to waste.

You have to be armed with these basic skills so you can survive your undergraduate study:

writing skills
time management skills
mastery of analytical methods
basic problem solving skills
computer programming skills
computer programming skills
utilisation of resources
public speaking skills


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