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In the essay writing industry, there are scam artists that hide behind professional looking essay writing websites. These scammers give the industry a bad name and deter people from taking advantage of a very useful service. It now becomes necessary to be aware of such websites so that you do not receive a second rate essay writing service or a poorly-written custom essay and waste your money and time; ultimately, this could damage your academic future!


Here are some TIPS on how to determine if an essaywriting service is a scam:


Too good to be true!

Services that are priced cheaply are most likely to be offered by fraudulent websites. If an essay writing service is advertising £9.95/per page, you can almost be certain that they are fraudulent as no self-respecting qualified legal professional will accept such a low level of payment.

It was in the media a few years ago that such essay writing companies are mainly located in India or Pakistan and they only pay their workers as little as 0.35p per page to copy and paste information from the Internet


Low quality writers!

Fraudulent essay writing service websites will seek the services of writers who accept low rates and these writers are not qualified to write high quality essays and in most cases, they copy and paste from various online sources. This will put you in precarious position as your essay will be flagged as plagiarised.


UK phone line number!

All credible UK companies should be able to provide a working landline telephone number; this does not include 0800/0870 or 0845 numbers as they can be purchased worldwide.


British representative!

Call the company to check if they have working telephone numbers. This is also a way to check if the customer service representative has a British accent. Ask a lot of questions, find out as much as you can about the essay writing services offered on the website, this will tell you how much knowledge they have of the industry and how capable they are of delivering premium custom essays.

Some essay writing services operate by live chat only! This is a good indication that they are hiding behind a pretty website.


Local press coverage!

Well known essay writing companies are well established and popular within the local media. We are regularly featured in various national newspapers such as The Education Guardian, The Sunday Times, and the Daily Telegraph etc, you can be confident that your custom essay and other projects are being handled by a well-established UK company.


We often receive calls from customers who have become victims
of unscrupulous essay writing service site operators.

To prevent this from happening to you as well,try typing the company's name into Google search and see if there are forums or blogs that contain customer complaints.

We can only warn and guide you to prevent you from falling into this kind of scam.
If you have any experience of having been cheated, we request you to report the company
and the site. This will bring these rogue operators down and save many others from becoming victims.


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