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What is the problem with western households employing Third World domestic labour and how can it be solved? Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

Western families are increasingly outsourcing the functions of domestic work, including the reproductive process of caring for children, to a cheap domestic labour market largely comprised of migrant workers from developing countries. This approach to raising children poses some significant questions about the potential of a rising generation to become productive members of society because society as a whole has decided to cut corners in the care and nurture they provide. An argument can be made that western families are losing a quality of care because their children are being raised through a market that provides poor compensation to caregivers and is somewhat volatile. Clearer, however, is the price that migrant mothers and their families pay in lost care for their children as a result of the time they spend as domestic labourers in western households.



In conclusion, at the issue's core regarding western households employing migrant domestic labour is that domestic labour is a necessity yet largely undervalued and performed by women. Women cannot both work outside the home and care for the domestic needs of their families. The idea that they can do these both with flying colors is a façade built on the domestic labour of migrant women. People's lives suffer, whether it is western children, migrant children, or the increased stratification in western societies. The reality is that domestic labour has great value and should be compensated on its merits. When society comes to grips with that reality, policies and behaviors will change in order to achieve to a greater extent the value inherent in the reproductive process.   

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