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Which substantive rights are generally accepted as minority rights? Discuss, with regard to relevant international treaties, and in particular to the case law of global and regional monitoring bodies.

I. Preamble
Minority rights in simple words can be defined as a legal framework which has been devised in order to ensure that a specific group of people who are in a vulnerable or disadvantageous position in the given society are able to achieve equality and to some extent protected from persecution. These rights apply to ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities and indigenous people, thereby forming an integral part of international human rights law. By way of granting these rights  the various international treaties seeks to protect various facets of life which includes the very right of existence, protection from discrimination, protection of identity and many others. Minority protection thus operates on the assumption that religious, cultural, and linguistic affiliations are essential features of what it means to be human (Macklem, 2008)



VI . Conclusion
 It is to be noted that almost all States have one or more minority groups that can be distinguished by their ethnic, linguistic or religious specialty. The diversity that these groups bring forth should be protected. The various international, and regional organizations, the most important being the United Nations through its various conventions have tried to preserve and protect these ethnic, linguistic or religious characteristics of these groups by granting them minority rights. The implementation remains a huge problem since most of the International regulatory bodies lack an effective mechanism for enforcement of decisions and to ensure implementation of the minority rights. Once this obstacle is mitigated to an extent, the rights of the minorities can be protected at an international level in a much more effective manner.

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