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“New Media Marketing; A case Study of Air Marketing”

Executive Summary

Air marketing is a marketing consulting company that carries out media consulting in companies. The company has a wide range of portfolio including the music industry, catering industry, leisure industry and manufacturing industries. Air Marketing has been successful in the past years, but with the growth of the internet and other means of advertising and communicating with customers, the company's competitors have become a serious threat to the company. Competitors have build stronger communication links with customers and have developed long relationships with these customers leaving Air Marketing with the no choice but to try to meet up with these changes.

The company has a strong portfolio of well experienced personnel who have had and average combined experience of more than fourteen years. This gives the company a good strength to be able to meet up with challenges and serve their clients better. The target market for the company is unlimited as they can offer their service to companies all over the world. There is the opportunity of a large market available to Air marketing and technology the company can use to reach its customers and let them know about the services they offer. With this technology and the need for consultants during periods of economic downturn, the company has the tendency to reach its clients and attract new ones in order to grow. Setting up promotional strategies for marketing is very important for the company to know the right means to reach its target market.

The most important part of the report gave an overview of the marketing strategy the company can use and how it can build up a competitive advantage from the strategies. A closer look was taken at taken at the promotional strategy which was the focus of this report. This strategy explains how Air marketing can used websites, emails and direct marketing to sell its services by improving on their website.

To conclude using the media to get to customers is very useful in today's marketing, that is why a lot of companies have created websites. The questions here are how good is the company's website to attract its customers? And are all forms of media useful for a company? The answer here lies within the budget of the company and how many customers they gain in a period. Therefore, strategies should always be reviewed to look for the best way to get to customers.

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