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The Role Of A Project Manager In Project Management


With any project planned, there are factors which determine its success. These can be broadly classified as: how success is judged (success factors) and the factors contributing to the success (success factors). The link between these two critical success factors lies in the role and the effectiveness of the project manager plays from the planning stage to executing the same.


The project manager has various roles to play for the success of any project. These roles have to have task orientation, leadership orientation and management orientation (Fisher et al, 1992) in order for the project manager to be able to bring the project to a successful end. Communication and Technical Performance are considered to be some of the most important competence based abilities required from a project manager so that he / she can perform the role of a project manager efficiently and bring the project to a successful end (Lynn, 2000). The roles played by a project manager in any project can be summarised as follows (Campobasso and Hosking, 2004) -

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