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Using Academic Essay Examples: The Appropriate Words in an Essay

Use of words is an important consideration when writing academic essays. Academic language is different from the language most people use at home or in social situations. Academic writing in particular is done in a formal manner. Professors and tutors expect essays, reports, assignments, dissertations and other coursework to be clear and concise.

Academic essay examples are written to guide a student who has to fulfil a requirement at school or university. At Essay Writer, our professional writers and researchers use their knowledge and expertise, together with academic sources to address the client's specifications. Through the following tips, students can learn from academic essay examples on how to choose the appropriate words in an essay:


  • Build a formal vocabulary. Avoid using informal words and expressions used in common conversations and substitute it with words which are better suited to the context of the essay. These include contractions, or shortened word forms such as won't and didn't in place of will not and did not; slang terms which are common among the youth or a particular group of people, an example of which is writing about how someone botched their job in place of using the term not up to standard; clichés or overused expressions such as cream of the crop instead of simply saying it is the best.
  • Choose Appropriate Transitions. Transitional words or phrases help to make the essay more coherent by serving as a guide to take the reader through the writer's thread of thought. Examples of transitions include using the phrase On the other hand if the statement or idea preceding it contrasts with the statement or idea following the phrase. Furthermore or Moreover is also used if the writer intends to add another idea or point in support of an argument.
  • Avoid Redundancy. Effective academic writing is characterised by a concise writing style, using only the necessary words to convey the writer's thoughts to readers. To avoid redundancy, evaluate if every word in your sentences is important to convey your intended meaning. Check your sentences if you can restate your ideas in shorter form without changing its meaning. Redundant terms include more preferable, artificial prosthesis, free gifts, and foreign imports.
  • Avoid Misusing Words. Some words share a similar meaning with one another. However, in a certain context there is a word that is more appropriate to be used. Two commonly interchanged words are less and fewer. Both are used to refer to quantity, but as a rule of thumb fewer is used for items that can be counted individually whereas less is used for noncountable items. However, it is also acceptable to say less than five days instead of fewer than five days because we are not making reference to five individual days, but a single period of time which lasts for five days.


For assistance with your various essay writing requirements, order custom academic essay examples that will serve as your guide on how to use words in their appropriate context. Essay Writer's customer support advisors are available by phone, email and live chat to assist you.


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