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Biology Essay Examples

Biology essay examples are a very good resource material for students that aim to produce a good essay with high marks. It is also a useful guide for those who are struggling a bit to transition from writing short answers to longer essays as they progress to a higher level of study.

Biology sample essays from Essay Writer are written by academics and professionals with extensive knowledge of Biology, having done research and laboratory work on many projects. We have assisted with numerous academic writing requirements of students at all levels since we started in 2001. The model essays we produce, along with the following tips can increase your chances of achieving high marks:


  • Analyse the question. The first thing you need to do is look at the question. Examine it in the context of your module and the discussions you have had on the topic. This will provide you the angle from which you will approach your essay. The next step is to look for key words in the essay question to determine what it requires of you, whether it is to discuss, compare and contrast or analyse. Do you understand the scientific terms clearly? Will you need to define them for the reader? You may also divide the question into subsets if that will make it easier for you to see the question's key points to ensure that these are all addressed satisfactorily.
  • The planning stage. . Brainstorm your ideas about the topic. What do you already know? What are the most important points in the question? Think about where and how you will get the resources needed to support your arguments and discussion. What readings or lecture notes in the past would be relevant to the discussion? Do not forget to look at relevant examples you can cite to support your discussion. What will likely be your conclusion? Create a working outline of each point you will discuss and take into account word limits.
  • Writing. A good introduction tells the readers what they need to know to understand the main point of discussion. It should also encourage the reader to take interest in what you have to say on the essay. You can also take this as an opportunity to lay down your overview of how you understand the topic. The introduction should be able to answer three important questions: What is the question about? Why is it important to answer the question? How are you going to answer it and what areas are you going to cover?

    The main body discusses each point raised in detail. Each point must be discussed in a separate paragraph, with its own introductory and concluding sentences. The points raised should be clearly linked to the question. Each point must be backed by supporting data or evidence. You must establish how the data and evidence support the point raised. Relevant data and examples that back up the point and show a clear link between the example and argument is a key factor in getting high marks because it shows you have read and thought about the question well.

    The conclusion presents a summary of all points presented and states how these combine together to address all the requirements of the question. Summarise the main points you have raised, show how they link back to the question and give the answer you have come up with. How are your findings significant to the topic and what implications can you gain from them? Is there an opportunity for future researchers to explore another side to the question? What are your recommendations for those who might want to either replicate your research or expand it?
  • Edit and proofread. Scan the essay again to check if all requirements have been satisfied. Check if grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct, and if the length adheres to the word count requirement. Finally, make sure the essay is presented according to the format specified by the marker.


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