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College Essay Examples

Learning institutions may require students who are applying for a place in the courses they are offering to submit a college essay as a requirement for admission. The essay will help them determine the kind of person and student the applicant is, based on the applicant's own narration of events or situations in their lives that have shaped their values, interests and character. This gives an insight to a prospective future student in a way that objective data such as grades and test scores will not measure.

A good way to find out how others have written their essays is to look at college essay examples from students who have successfully applied to their chosen college. These essay examples can be used by applicants as a resource to familiarise themselves with the kind of writing that is appropriate for a college essay. When using essay examples, students should know how to use them correctly as improper use of sample essays can do more harm than good to your application.

Below are tips from Essay Writer on the proper use of college essay examples:


  • Avoid plagiarism. When looking at a finely-written sample and thinking about your own blank paper it can be quite tempting to just copy the whole thing or parts of it and be done with it. However, colleges and universities are really very good at detecting something that you have not written yourself. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.
  • Bring out your own voice. Another reason that you should avoid copying the work of others is so you can write your own unique personal story. This will serve as your "hook" to make your essay memorable to the admissions officer. Through situations or incidents you have experienced, you can show the college what makes you stand out from other applicants and what talents and abilities you can bring to the campus. Learning institutions are looking for students who will bring diversity to their community aside from being an enthusiastic scholar in their chosen field.
  • Look at the prompt. When looking at sample essays online, students usually look only at the essay itself. However, you will be better able to understand the context of the essay if you looked at what the applicant was asked for. This will show you how the applicant was able to find information that was included in the essay and how he or she was able to show his or her personality, abilities and motivation.


When applying for a place at a highly competitive course in a popular institution that receives thousands of applications each year, expect that you will encounter a lot of competition. This puts added pressure on the student to turn in a college essay that the admissions tutor is likely to remember because of its unique characteristics.


When the task of writing your college essay seems to be getting nowhere, getting custom college essay examples that reflect your own writing style and talk about our life experiences will make it easier for you to start the writing process and finish it sooner. You can also have your essay proofread and edited to ensure its standard before you submit it to your chosen college.

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