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Communications Essay Examples

Students taking a course such as Communications Studies will be assessed primarily through essays-whether it is the kind that you are given days or weeks to complete or one that must be turned in within an hour. Therefore developing your skills in preparing, organising and presenting essays will make life easier for you as a student.

Essay Writer is an academic writing services provider that has helped thousands of students with their Communications Studies requirements since we started in 2001. Our researchers are themselves graduates of known institutions within the UK, making them familiar with the essay writing process. Their practical experience also gives a unique perspective to the topic that a student can greatly benefit from. Our Communications essay examples, combined with adequate preparation and good writing will give you an advantage in your degree.

The foundation of a successful essay is direct answers to the question, relevant examples and credible information. This can be achieved through an efficient and comprehensive research. Materials from these readings, combined with lecture notes and your own analysis and understanding of the topic will give you the knowledge and perspective from which you will draw your approach to answering the question.

The next step is to come up with an essay plan. This will ensure that information is presented in a logical manner and the flow of ideas is clear to the marker. At the heart of the essay is a well thought-out structure composed of:

  • A solid and interesting introduction. Here you will restate the question according to how you have understood it and how you plan to tackle it within the essay. This part also contains the thesis statement which is the main idea that you will explain or illustrate in the body of the essay. The introduction also gives the reader with background information that they can use to understand the explanation in the next section.
  • An organised and comprehensive body. The materials you present should be organised in a way that it flows logically from one point of discussion to another. Identify your points of discussion by looking at themes you can explore which will address the question's requirements. Each point of discussion must reasonably follow from or be built upon the previous one. Each point being raised must be backed by conclusive evidence taken from reliable sources. Transition statements must be used after ending a point and when about to start with another.
  • A convincing conclusion. This would serve as the logical ending of all discussion and arguments you have presented previously in the body of the essay. The conclusion must link back to the thesis statement and reveal how the discussion in the body satisfies the requirements of the question.


Aside from writing a full essay that satisfies the tripartite structure of an introduction, body and conclusion, markers will also consider how you use language to communicate your ideas and present your thoughts in an organised manner. Presenting a good idea in a poor writing style is still not going to give you top marks. Avoid using clichés, superfluous words or an informal writing style using casual language not suited for academic writing at your level of study.

When you answer the question, do not discuss other ideas if they do not directly address the question, even if they are somehow related to the subject. The more analysis you show, the more likely it is to give you additional marks. Take note that you must first describe something before you can analyse it. Make sure you present a clear, coherent and consistent analysis that is supported by evidence from reliable sources.

Avoid plagiarism at all costs by not copying material directly from a source. If you have to borrow other scholars' idea so you can better illustrate yours, make sure you credit them properly in your references.

Once you have already drafted the essay, make sure it is in the correct format. The length of the essay must correspond to the word limit. Check if the spacing between each part and paragraph is ideal. If the tutor set specific margins, font styles and sizes edit the essay using a word processor to follow these rules.

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