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International Studies Essay Examples

Writing a good quality International Studies essay, as in essays in any other field requires hard work as you will not only write, but do research to prepare your background material, select which information and evidence from your research you will use to support arguments, and present all of these together in a way that the reader will understand how you have achieved at an answer to the question.

Because of the broad spectrum of subjects being studied, there is a narrow set of guidelines for writing in this field. Students follow a generalized set of principles that is true across the discipline. You will then customize your writing based on the expectations of the tutor or the requirements of the question.

International Studies essay examples is an important resource students can use to make the writing process faster and easier for you. It is written by writers and researchers on international studies and foreign policy, giving a unique perspective to the essay. It also follows the standard of writing appropriate to your level of study. Sample essays on International Studies can be used along with the following tips to increase your chances of achieving high marks:

  1. Create strong arguments. It is typical of essays on the humanities and social sciences to be built around solid arguments. This can be achieved by balancing analysis and evidence. A good analysis will require relevant evidence to back it. Situational examples are also a good way to illustrate how the analysis applies to specific cases. It is also important to present a clear structure that will show the reader how the argument is relevant to the question. International Studies essays should not merely summarize information on readings and textbooks. Rather, you should be able to present a new perspective into the topic as you answer the question.
  2. Take a strong position on the issue. Having a strong argument originates from fully knowing where you stand. A weak position is when you either over-opinionate or fail to stand your ground by balancing conflicting opinions. Over-opinionating is when you bring a strong personal bias into the issue and fail to support your claims with theories or evidence from other sources. An over-opinionated essay uses language that is already combative or too aggressive. On the other hand, an insufficient opinion is when you waver between different types of arguments in the hope that you will be given credit for seeing the strong points of each. Championing the cause of two arguments, for example will end up making it look like you have not made up your mind which side you really prefer. It is better to just be outspoken and defend one position even if it may seem you are acting counter to the prevailing knowledge. A critical examination from a different angle might just shed light on an unexplored aspect of the issue.
  3. Present specific and varied examples. Relevant evidence is an important part of a successful essay. Several things must be done to achieve this. However, it must not dominate the essay as it should be presented to support an argument or analysis. Evidence is therefore chosen and presented within a particular context. Using specific examples demonstrate that you know the material well enough that you are able to determine the specific situation it applies to. Varying the examples also shows that you have read widely because you are able to cite many sources. When presenting examples, vary your approach between quotations and paraphrasing depending on which will be more appropriate to the material.

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