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Expanding Your Research Through Law Essay Examples

In making law essays, the information you cite is crucial in order to successfully fulfil the requirements of your chosen topic. You must carefully choose your sources to ensure that you use only reliable, authoritative, up-to-date and academic sources. While Internet search engines may produce information related to your topic, it has limitations for academic research.

Law essay examples are written by academics and practicing lawyers with experience in teaching, research and legal practice. Using pre-written essays will benefit you because an expert has already selected and evaluated the sources they have used. You will also be assured that the person who wrote Law essay examples has already done extensive research on the subject and gained the necessary knowledge to write about the topic.

In writing about UK law as an academic requirement, there are many sources you can use to support your thesis statement and arguments. The information and data you use should come from writing and analysis of the two broad classifications of legal research material: primary legal sources and secondary legal sources. The principal sources of UK law are:


  • Legislation
  • Case Law
  • European Union Law
  • European Convention on Human Rights


Legislation such as statutes, statutory instruments and regulations; and case law or decisions of the court on previous cases make up the primary sources, or actual statements of the law. In the UK legislation or statute law in its broadest definition refers to Acts of Parliament, but can also include laws created by virtue of the powers given by Acts of Parliament. When writing about Acts of Parliament, you must remember that they are constantly being amended, so make sure you are using the correct version for the Act you are citing.

Consider the needs of your essay before deciding which version of your sources you use. You may require the recent, up-to-date (consolidated) law or a historical version of the law as it was given at a certain period in history. The version of the law you require will determine which database you will get your information from.

To get case law sources, you may look at case reports, judgements, digests and commentary. The official publisher of The Law Reports in England and Wales is the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting. They should take precedence as the primary source compared to other reports of the same case because of its authority. The summary of counsel's argument are included and reviewed by counsel prior to publication.

Secondary sources explain, analyse and critique the law, its aspects and implications but it is not the law itself. These are essentially every other kind of source that is not a primary source. They include:


  • Encyclopaedia
  • Periodicals, journals and articles
  • Statistics
  • Academic publications such as theses and dissertations
  • Websites and online legal databases


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