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Management Essay Examples

Academic writing in management will require students to have numerical, technical and literary skills. These are developed through time as you go through different levels in your chosen field of study. Students can make use of Management essay examples to help develop their writing and research skills.


Sample essays will serve as your guide on how to contextualise your writing following the conventions of academic writing appropriate to your subject and level of study. It will also give you pointers on how you can create a structure to ensure the marker will easily understand the flow of your arguments and points of discussion.

You can use following tips on how to write Management essays together with Management essay examples to ensure you turn in a quality piece of written work.


  • Careful preparation. Good writing is not achieved without undergoing thoughtful preparation. This starts with reading and understanding the question. Cover all aspects or dimensions of the question and be sensitive to implied directions, such as whether you are asked to focus on an important theme in your discussion.
  • Research. Once you have understood what is being asked, think about where you will get the information you will need to create and support your points . You will get these from the following sources: textbooks, specialist books, journals, magazines, and literature on finance and business press. As you go through your reference materials, take notes on ideas, arguments and interpretations you think will be useful in your essay.
  • Writing. Remember that everything you write must not only be relevant to your topic, but must be essential to your discussion in order to address the question clearly and directly. Organise your data and information through progressive and explicit logic. Each stage of the discussion should naturally lead to another, until all areas of the question have been covered. Your work must demonstrate coherent and clearly expressed ideas which will show that you understand the question well. Support your claims and arguments with evidence from theories, case studies and statistics that can easily be verified by anyone reading your essay. Be mindful of word limits. The length of an essay does not directly reflect its quality so make sure not to over-illustrate a point or over-develop an argument.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism may be as simple as using someone else's idea without proper attribution to the source, taking passages from sources with the intent of not acknowledging the sources, or submitting an entire work and trying to pass it off as one's own. Ideas and intellectual work are at the heart of academic culture. Stealing someone else's work goes against the exact reason why you are pursuing education, which is not only to learn but to contribute to the already existing knowledge.


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