Spring Half Midterm Break: Academic Writing Tips

Do you have academic writing assignments that you just couldn’t seem to finish because you are swamped with exams, reports, projects, and non-academic activities? Good thing uni students get to have a spring half midterm break. Students will benefit from this short vacation as they try to get their … [Read more...]

Academic Writing Help During Spring Midterm Break

Every university student yearns to have a short break from their academic and extra curricular activities. Spring midterm break gives you a chance to unwind, reorganise and rest. After a short timeout, allotting some time for writing assignments would definitely help you finish this semester with … [Read more...]

Exam Resit Preparations and Dissertation Writing During Summer

Exam Resit Preparations and Dissertation Writing During Summer

It is such a relief when the Summer Term ends because it means that uni students will get their much-needed rest. This might not be true to some as they would still be busy with exam resits or dissertations. We at Essay Writer offer professional services that would help ease your burden and … [Read more...]