Wishing you the Best of Luck on Your Summer Examinations

A great head start to exam success is having a calm, positive attitude after doing your best to study. We recently wrote a post on a few helpful revision tips and we hope you have been able to apply them. For students who will be starting their summer examinations, time to tuck away your study materials. Focus on keeping yourself physically and psychologically ready so your hours-worth of studying will be put to good use.

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Summer Examinations Preparedness Tips

  1. Know when to stop studying. The last thing you want is to overwork your brain. You did what you had to; read and memorised important facts. Have enough rest and sleep to avoid exhaustion during exams. Too much last-minute cramming will cause information overload. Leave enough mental energy to allow you to comprehend exam questions and remember what you have studied.
  2. Plan your exam day so you remain composed before and during exams. Avoid waking up late and rushing, which will cause anxiety. Ask family members or dorm mates to help you wake up on time to start your day right.
  3. Eat a hearty meal in the morning of your exam day. If possible, have enough nutritious foods that would help your memory and concentration. Also eat foods that will make you happy and boost your energy. However, go easy on caffeine and sugar as they can crash energy levels in the middle of your exams.
  4. Drink enough water. Avoid dehydration but make sure you don’t drink too much either. Sipping every hour is enough to help in giving your brain a quick breather. Too many toilet breaks will cause disruption to your concentration and momentum.
  5. Do what makes you feel confident and puts you in the best frame of mind. It may be keeping a lucky hanky in your pocket or wearing your shiniest pair of shoes. Everyone is unique. Some would prefer silence to be calm while others may need music.
  6. Stay calm and have presence of mind. One of the most important tips we can give you is reading the instructions carefully. You may know all the answers but if you do not follow instructions, they will be useless. In addition, understand the questions and do not rush your answers.

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