Are You Ready for the 15th January UCAS Deadline?

Are You Ready for the 15th January UCAS DeadlineThe 15th January UCAS deadline for most undergraduate courses for academic year 2017 is fast approaching. Are you ready to submit your applications? Every year, we encourage students to make early submissions for better chances of getting into their uni of choice.

By now, we hope you are already polishing your applications if you are aiming to make it on time. However, take note that the deadline for applications for Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge), was on 15th October last year. Those planning to take up medicine and veterinary science courses should have also submitted on or before that date.

Polishing your Personal Statement for UCAS deadline

The importance of having a well-written Personal Statement cannot be emphasised enough. It is the most integral part of your application as it shows what you can offer to your potential uni. Remember that only a handful of institutions offer interviews. This means that your application, along with your compelling Personal Statement will be key in obtaining a university place. UCAS Head of Adviser Experience Louise Evans has a helpful tip for applicants: “Make sure your Personal Statement expresses your desire, excitement and commitment to your chosen courses and proofread it several times.”

It is important to mention how your current qualifications equip you to be successful in your chosen course. Include how you have acquired your currents skills and knowledge. While academics have more impact, do not hesitate to mention your extra-curricular activities or work experience applicable to the course. When it comes to your references, approach someone who has the capacity to describe your academic style. It can be a subject teacher who also understands how you can be fitting for the course.

To make the writing process easier, narrow down your course choices so you can focus on them. Although you can make up to five choices, two or three will be fine. Make sure your top choices are the ones you really want. Imagine having to study something that you are not interested in and end up changing courses after a few years. That would ultimately be a waste of time and resources.

When submitting multiple applications to different institutions, avoid sending generic ones. Your Personal Statement should be tailor-made to explain why you want a place in a certain university. Of course, this would entail research so it is best to read their website and other materials you can find. It would also be beneficial to physically visit the campus to get a bit acquainted. Colleges and universities generally offer applicant-experience days so they can go around and meet the faculty, staff and students.

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