Ruling Out the Best Way to Measure ‘Good Teaching’

Existing student questionnaires in higher education UK fail to resemble features prevalent in these two tools. Perhaps, it is why these tools were branded as “home-made” – having no real links to connect results with student performance.

Worse, even “reliability or validity” escapes these existing tools.

Disposing ambiguity

Throughout the debacle, it became obvious what there is to measuring ‘good teaching.’ There are existing tools that could so easily topple off the inefficiency of current ones. These tools were nicknamed as NSSE and SEEQ.

Hence, there is no longer need to lengthen the debate and haggle over the definition of ‘good’ in ‘good teaching.’ The remaining hours, days, or weeks need to be spent in application. These tools must see trial in the context of UK’s higher education scene.

As of the present, UK’s universities continue to measure teaching around the purlieu of student-perspective. The focus was wired to scrutinise “students’ experience of degree programmes” – clearly, not between students and teachers.

Do you believe that such tools could make a difference in UK’s quality of teaching and teachers?

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