Nigel Carrington on Creativity and Economic Success

“The creative and cultural industries make up the second largest, and fastest growing, sector of the UK economy, worth £8 million per hour and accounting for 5.6% of jobs.” This is the heart of Nigel Carrington’s reply to the recent recommendation released by the Confederation of British Industry … [Read more...]

Answering to the Space Industry’s Demand

The UK space sector is in dire need of highly skilled scientists and engineers.  The demand hasn’t seen any stopping in its growth.  In fact, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills forecasted a very appealing growth trend, marked at present up to year 2030. Unfortunately, the UK space … [Read more...]

Postgraduate Grants for Women Engineers: “Realising Their Full Potential”

Studies and alarming news regarding UK’s postgraduate study have propelled a solution towards women’s favour. The studies, which have brought about the elusiveness of advanced studies as fees skyrocketed and funding all-too often squeezed, made an astounding rebound in the engineering … [Read more...]

Unanswerable Question on Cambridge Exam Paper Leaves Students Confused

Cambridge university candidates were sitting a second year Physics paper last Saturday which has been found to contain a vital typo error making the question on two problems impossible to answer. An hour into the exam passed before a student realised the absence of a variable required to solve … [Read more...]

Science Society’s Spotlight on Welsh Universities in Government’s “Science for Wales”

Universities in Wales get the attention of readers of the journal Science as it features the drive of the Welsh government to build a strong and dynamic science base that will support the economic and national development of the country. Specifically, science career watchers are being informed by … [Read more...]

Education Secretary Plans Changes to Curriculum in English Schools

Education Secretary Plans Changes to Curriculum in English Schools

In a speech delivered Tuesday, Education secretary Michael Gove believes UK pupils should learn from a robust “core knowledge” of information and facts instead of “vapid happy talk” so that they are ensured of a structured “stock of knowledge”. These principles underlie his plans for putting forth … [Read more...]

British and Japanese Scientists Awarded the Nobel Prize for Work on Stem Cells

As students applying for medicine and Oxbridge courses prepare for the 15 October UCAS deadline, they should draw inspiration from a former schoolboy whose ambition to become a scientist was dismissed as “quite ridiculous” by his science teacher, but who went on to produce groundbreaking medical … [Read more...]