400 Years of Shakespeare and Beyond

23 April 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. It is a big event for United Kingdom and the whole world. The literature, cultural and academic communities are particularly involved in the celebrations. All you our students and we at Essay Writer are part of these … [Read more...]

Women in Higher Education

Women in Higher Education

As we celebrate women’s month, it is only fitting that we look at the status of women in UK higher education and the roles assigned to them. The Observer recently published a report showing the lack of female representation in senior roles in UK higher education as with other sectors. The report … [Read more...]

2012 London Olympics Begins – Students Amongst Those to be Given Free Seating

“The Greatest Show on Earth” which is happening this year in London kick-started with a three-hour opening ceremony on 27 July characterised by history, pageantry and even comedy. The list of prestigious attendees included no less than the UK’s Queen Elizabeth in a first-ever film cameo role, … [Read more...]

St George’s Day – England’s National Day and Shakespeare Day!

Every 23rd April England celebrates St George’s Day to honour its patron saint. Every country in the UK has a patron saint that was called upon when the country needed to be saved from its enemies. For England, this was the brave Roman soldier who protested against the torture of early Christians in … [Read more...]