Student Vote Could Tilt the Balance of Power at 2015 General Election

Labour can seize power come next year’s tight elections if it can win around 10 seats. These seats can be won through student voters. And to win the student vote, Labour may need to promise to sincerely and effectively pursue a policy lowering tuition fees to £6,000 as the student vote also shown … [Read more...]

Ruling Out the Best Way to Measure ‘Good Teaching’

Possible and impossible are two words that prop when discussions veer close about measuring ‘good teaching.’ Concerns about the generous definition of ‘good teaching’ threaten to slam down any attempt to measure it at all. Fortunately, research has helped settle the score. Times Higher … [Read more...]

US, Asia, and UK: The Battle for STEM Subjects

The recent QS World University Rankings showed no good news for UK’s higher education institutions.  The rankings, which was derived via “three extensive datasets,” came to strengthen the warnings ensued by The Commons Science and Technology Committee report. The warning had been as follows: “UK … [Read more...]

UK’s Economic Education: the Overhaul Project

Britain’s economics teaching is facing change. In the midst of critics’ attacks, the consideration for revising the syllabus and the way of teaching economics has been taken a further notch. Leading the overhaul is University of College London’s Wendy Carlin. This big change is conducted in … [Read more...]

The Gap, Grant, and UK’s Graphene

Funds amounting to £1bn for Arrow Projects – this is the specific requisite of Sir Andrew Witty’s “Encouraging a British Invention Revolution” report. This request for funding is in line to a measure, which as Dr Wendy Piatt of the Russell Group described, was to serve as a bridge between “idea … [Read more...]

Personal Statement Writing Tips From University Officials and School Heads

In writing their personal statement, everyone points out to their favourite A-level modules. But the formula for a successful writing consists of at least 50% to at most 75% explaining why you want to do the course you have chosen, according to Brunel University marketing manager for schools and … [Read more...]

Chevening Scholarship Applications Start 1 September 2013

Nigerians can pursue postgradaute education in the United Kingdom. The Chevening Scholarships is one of the ways. A total of more than 1,050 scholars from the African country have earned their higher academic qualification through the programme and are now in leadership positions in their careers … [Read more...]