UK and Canada Spearhead Global Alliance to End Use of Coal

With coal plants being a top cause of global warming, the UK and Canada have recently launched a world alliance composed of 20 countries to eliminate the use of coal. France, Mexico and Finland, among other countries, vow to phase out coal for power manufacturing before 2030. The leaders of the … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day 2017: Honouring the Fallen Soldiers

A two-minute silence will once again be offered on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month. Every child is taught in school the significance of paying tribute to those who fought for freedom. Through Remembrance Day, also referred as Armistice Day, we pay respects to all heroes who fought … [Read more...]

Observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

The first two days of November are significant times for some Christians as All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are observed on the 1st and 2nd, respectively.After the fun-filled trick-or-treating and costume parties bursting with sweets, it is time to pray for and pay respects to saints and loved … [Read more...]

UCAS Clearing Choices and Uni Decisions Deadline 2017

Today, 23rd October is the final deadline for hopeful individuals who wish to attend uni this academic year 2017-2018 through the UCAS Clearing function. This will also be the last day for universities to accept applicants and make decisions. As a company that cares about those who want to pursue … [Read more...]

The Triumph Over Darkness: Diwali Festival 2017

The Hindu Festival of Lights referred as Diwali Festival is an annual celebration in autumn. The five-day brightly-lit festivities around the world start on Thursday, 19th October this year, according to the Hindu lunar calendar. This event is associated with wealth and joy, and each day represents … [Read more...]

Olaudah Equiano: African That Helped End Slavery in Britain

Google Doodle never fails to creatively feature and honour notable people and events. These clever, interactive illustrations are also a great way to educate individuals. Today, 16th October, it spotlights Olaudah Equiano, marking his 272nd birthday. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Equiano was a … [Read more...]

International Day of a Child Girl 2017

Although there has been a lot of progress in gender equality, discrimination against women is still rampant. Gender lines are drawn early, starting at birth and exclusions continue throughout womanhood. Various United Nations statistics, studies and reports continually show girls being victims of … [Read more...]

England Qualifies for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

England will be headed to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup thanks to Harry Kane’s last-minute goal against Slovenia. The only goal of the night at the Wembley Stadium is Kane’s 11th goal in 22 international appearances. This win enabled the Three Lions to reach four major tournaments in a row … [Read more...]

Participate at the National Poetry Day 2017

Are you a fan of poetry? If you are, you will be happy to know that today, 28th September is National Poetry Day. With the theme Freedom, this year’s celebration promises exciting elements as organisers have worked closely with BBC and Hull City of Culture. According to them, it will ensure “more … [Read more...]