Student Vote Could Tilt the Balance of Power at 2015 General Election

Student Vote Could Tilt the Balance of Power at 2015 General Election

Labour can seize power come next year’s tight elections if it can win around 10 seats. These seats can be won through student voters. And to win the student vote, Labour may need to promise to sincerely and effectively pursue a policy lowering tuition fees to £6,000 as the student vote also shown … [Read more...]

British Students to Experience India as Part of International Education


Students from around the world go to the United Kingdom to get their international education. But for British students to further experience international education, on top of their UK education, they should go outside the country. One best place is India. Two weeks ago, UK Minister of State for … [Read more...]

Students and Prisoners Attend Criminology Classes Together

Students and Prisoners Attend Criminology Classes Together

When we talk about classes in prisons, they are often skills trainings, values education, spirituality and religion. Durham University is taking a step further by introducing the first criminology education classes in European penitentiary history. Durham University will hold criminology classes … [Read more...]

Better-Designed Teacher Training to Fast Track Improved Learning Outcomes


World Teachers’ Day has just been celebrated last Sunday, 5 October. The day is dedicated to honouring the teachers around the world for their contribution to people’s lives and the society in a greater sense. In schools, students express their gratitude to their teachers. In the bigger world … [Read more...]

Leeds Aims to Get 250 New Academics to Solve Global Problems


Starting 1 October, the University of Leeds will be recruiting 250 early career researchers as academic staff and teach using innovative research-led means. The university wants to enhance its interdisciplinary research and teaching and has earmarked £100m to recruit “250 great minds” over the next … [Read more...]

UK Education System: Efficient Rather Than Effective


The education system of the United Kingdom is cost-efficient but not very effective. Compared with that of other countries, the UK system churns out good value in exchange of the money the government pour in it. However, the results of the education – or the performance of pupils – is not that good … [Read more...]