Chinese New Year: Nian Legends and Lessons


Chinese and people of Chinese descent in the UK are about 466,000. Around the world, the estimated count of them who are also called overseas Chinese is 50 million, scattered in 100 countries across almost all continents. That is why Chinese New Year is celebrated in the UK and worldwide. Outside … [Read more...]

Burns Night Date, Relevance, Origins, Celebrations and App 2016


International students in the UK have experienced or known Burns Night through their stay here. Some of them even have heard about it in their home town from the estimated 28 million pure Scottish and descendants scattered in 13 countries around the world. To help new foreign students better … [Read more...]

UCAS Application Form: Frequently Asked Questions


The UCAS application deadline for most courses will be this Friday, 15 January 2016. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from the UK and around the world apply and many of them have many questions about the process. Here are the most important things to know. How to apply? Go to the … [Read more...]

International STEM Students Chose UK for High-Quality Education


The reputation for high-quality education is the main reason of majority of international undergraduate students for going to the United Kingdom to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). A survey by the British Council published 2 November 2015 reveals 51 per cent of the … [Read more...]

British Universities Offer Refuge to Syrian Academics


Universities in the United Kingdom are welcoming academics who are fleeing from war-torn Syria. This is reminiscent of the time when British institutions housed Jewish scholars escaping Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Christ Church, Oxford specifically took German physicist Albert Einstein into its care. … [Read more...]

Studying at University this Autumn Semester? Here are 6 tips to help you get started!

Studying at University this Autumn Semester? Here are 6 tips to help you get started!

Incoming freshers, get your university studies going to a good start and succeed with some specific advice from top head teachers of high schools. Returning students can also make use of these tips to help them cope with their study load. Your high school teachers are some of the best sources of … [Read more...]

Income Sharing Agreement: Solution for Student Loan Crisis?

Income Sharing Agreement: Solution for Student Loan Crisis?

Only around three weeks left and the UK universities academic year 2015 / 2016 start. And so does tens of thousands of new students' loans in Great Britain. The same is true in the United States where classes start this week. However, there is an emerging alternative to student loans there in the … [Read more...]