Tips to Help You Find a Student Job This Summer


It is not easy to find a job for the summer but you need to get one. That is especially so if you have not arranged for it in advance. Whatever the case, you should have a plan on how to go about it and be organised about it. Like in essay writing, not waiting up to the last minute makes the best … [Read more...]

400 Years of Shakespeare and Beyond


23 April 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. It is a big event for United Kingdom and the whole world. The literature, cultural and academic communities are particularly involved in the celebrations. All you our students and we at Essay Writer are part of these … [Read more...]

St. George’s Day – Why Celebrate with a Red Cross and Fighting a Dragon


It is St George’s Day once again. This National Day of England is celebrated by flying of the St George’s Cross and re-enacting the saint’s fighting a dragon, among other festivities. It is celebrated every 23 April, the date of the saint’s death. This feast day is practiced around the world by … [Read more...]

Tips for Students Resitting Exams


After taking your exams, you have the semester break to rest and wait for your results. The efforts you exerted in your study will earn you the results you aimed for. However, there are times when it was not enough and you need to resit the examination. You are disappointed with the result, you need … [Read more...]

Soft Skills for University, Employment and Career


Soft skills are needed in performing jobs, especially at the graduate or professional level. Employers look for them in applicants. Professionals use them in dealing with one another. As a student, you should develop them in higher education and even earlier. Show these soft skills to further … [Read more...]