What to Know About University from the Start

What to Know About University from the Start

“How was I to know?!” “Nobody ever told me!” You would not want say these words when you become a part of the job market and the greater society in life after you graduate or, worse, if you do not and drop out of university. Those are words of regret that you will say looking back at the university … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Prepare to Apply for Oxbridge


The deadline for applications to the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford is yet on 15 October. It is still three months away and yet you are here trying to know more about how to prepare for it. If you want to apply to these Oxbridge universities, you are on the right track. Yes, it is … [Read more...]

Personal Statement Using the Most Important Elements


You are allowed up to 4,000 characters for your personal statement. It is equivalent to more or less than 600 words. It may be a little bit too short for you to be able to include everything that you feel will make you more competitive than other applicants. At the same time, it may also be too long … [Read more...]

Some Essay Exam Blunders at Oxford University


Writing academic essays at university is a problem to almost all students. It should not be for students in a top university. Apparently, it is. Just like the essay writing of students in other schools, that of some Oxford students demonstrated insufficient basic common sense, difficulty in … [Read more...]

Student Safety: How To Protect Yourself From Theft, Robbery And Criminal Attacks


Theft, robbery and criminal attacks are scary. Not to scare you but thieves and robbers find students as vulnerable targets. 20% of students have been victimised by crime during their higher education, reports the National Union of Students. Nevertheless, there is less to no need to worry if you do … [Read more...]

How to be Accepted into Medical School


It is still a few months before the October deadline of the UCAS applications for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses. While it is a little far away, there is still much time for interested students to prepare to successfully get into medical school. Here are some specific tips to … [Read more...]

Who Writes Your Essays?


Writing essays, dissertations or any form of academic writing is one important part where university professors assess the learning of students and determine their marks and the degree they earn. Students have difficulty with the writing, research and even the English language itself especially for … [Read more...]