Chinese New Year: Nian Legends and Lessons

Chinese and people of Chinese descent in the UK are about 466,000. Around the world, the estimated count of them who are also called overseas Chinese is 50 million, scattered in 100 countries across almost all continents. That is why Chinese New Year is celebrated in the UK and worldwide. Outside … [Read more...]

International STEM Students Chose UK for High-Quality Education

The reputation for high-quality education is the main reason of majority of international undergraduate students for going to the United Kingdom to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). A survey by the British Council published 2 November 2015 reveals 51 per cent of the … [Read more...]

British Students to Experience India as Part of International Education

Students from around the world go to the United Kingdom to get their international education. But for British students to further experience international education, on top of their UK education, they should go outside the country. One best place is India. Two weeks ago, UK Minister of State for … [Read more...]

Excluding Foreign Students from Migration Targets

Three-quarters of the surveyed Tory parliamentary candidates have agreed. Foreign student entrants need to be “excluded from any target for reducing migration.” Furthermore, seventy per cent of these candidates concurred that UK universities must not restrict its targets to the “brightest and … [Read more...]

Offsetting the Decline in Foreign Student Entrants

The recent HEFCE findings saw a cause for universities to be crestfallen.  After thirty years of steady climb, the UK institutions witnessed its first ever decline in foreign student entrants.  The decline, which is creating issues in universities’ funds, is bad news. The good news is that … [Read more...]

Work and Study in China: Enhancing UK Students’ International Outlook

The support for UK students’ internships and academic scholarships in the world’s second economic powerhouse is indubitably growing. The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, sees this partnership with China as an “exciting” page for UK’s higher education system. This goes to … [Read more...]

Each British Should Learn a Foreign Language for Country to Stay Ahead of the World

17% of interviewed employers say that the ability to speak at least one other language is very important when recruiting new employees to their company. 23% say that it is fairly important. That is a total of 40%. These numbers are derived from "The Global Skills Gap," a study conducted by the … [Read more...]

UK Universities Offer More Slots to Foreign Students than Locals

Foreign students enjoy more freedom in choosing degree courses than their British and European Union counterparts. This observation appears to be a form of discrimination because the former is charged higher tuition fees. But according to representatives of universities in the United Kingdom, they … [Read more...]

Chevening Scholarship Applications Start 1 September 2013

Nigerians can pursue postgradaute education in the United Kingdom. The Chevening Scholarships is one of the ways. A total of more than 1,050 scholars from the African country have earned their higher academic qualification through the programme and are now in leadership positions in their careers … [Read more...]

Foreign Student Recruitment System is Cost-Inefficient; Huge Fees Should be Used in Improving Education

Commission payments given by universities to foreign student recruiters amounted to an estimated £120 million every year based on a study conducted by Uni-Pay and Centurus. Amidst the high recruitment fees universities are giving to agents, the system being used by universities in recruiting … [Read more...]