Foreign Students No More: the Impact of UK’s Tough Visa Control

Diversity and financial edge – these are the sacrificial lambs behind UK’s tough immigration policies.  The ministers had been warned, but took no heed.  The recent study conducted by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) shows the cost of ignoring such counsel. The diminishing … [Read more...]

Disadvantaged Students Not Discouraged by High Tuition Fees

According to a study conducted by the Independent Commission on Fees, students from disadvantaged areas in England are not discouraged from applying to university this year. This is despite the increase of the tuition fee in 2012. Also, there is an improvement in the number of age 18 youths coming … [Read more...]

Foreign Student Recruitment System is Cost-Inefficient; Huge Fees Should be Used in Improving Education

Commission payments given by universities to foreign student recruiters amounted to an estimated £120 million every year based on a study conducted by Uni-Pay and Centurus. Amidst the high recruitment fees universities are giving to agents, the system being used by universities in recruiting … [Read more...]

Private School Enrollment Increases

Even with the worries of being less competitive in the labour market than their public university counterparts in the future, more and more students have taken the private school route in their pursuit of higher education, findings from a study conducted by the Department for Business, Innovation … [Read more...]

University Applications Recovering

Students applying to university have increased by 19,000 since last year. The increase, which amounts to a shade over three per cent, is an improvement as it saw a decline of more than 50,000 in 2012 during which tuition fees tripled and reached the £9,000 level, according to Universities and … [Read more...]

Tuition Fee Increase Followed by Missed Enrollment Targets; UK World Leader Status Threatened

In a study conducted by Universities UK, it was found out that English universities have missed their enrollment target by 28,000 students or nine per cent. Through the report titled "The Funding Environment for Universities," the organisation also warns that the British higher education system … [Read more...]

Study Explores the Possibility of Limiting Tuition Fees to £6,000

This year marks the first that university tuition fees in England reached a maximum of £9,000, triple the previous cap. In the face of strong reactions to this move, various alternatives for funding are being looked into. A study from London Economics commissioned by the Million + group of … [Read more...]

Minimal Rise in Teaching Time is Not Proportional to Huge Tuition Fee Increase

The cost of education appears to have increased in exponential proportions when it is equated to the interaction time between teachers and students. In a study conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute and Which? - data say that tuition fees have tripled from 2005/6 to 2012 while the weekly … [Read more...]

Applications to University Still Below Level of Pre-Tuition Fee Increase Period

With the 30 June deadline of submission for university applications just within less than two months, the number of applicants for this year has not yet reached the same level as that of 2010 which is the year before tution fees were raised. Back then applications during this same time of the year … [Read more...]

Rising Donations from Graduates Boost Scottish University Funds

Rising Donations from Graduates Boost Scottish University Funds

Scottish university funding is getting a boost despite pressing issues of rising tuition fees and government budget cuts as part of austerity measures. The current system being followed is two tiered, allowing Scottish and EU students to pay no tuition fees at Scottish universities, while non EU … [Read more...]