Postgraduate Grants for Women Engineers: “Realising Their Full Potential”

Studies and alarming news regarding UK’s postgraduate study have propelled a solution towards women’s favour. The studies, which have brought about the elusiveness of advanced studies as fees skyrocketed and funding all-too often squeezed, made an astounding rebound in the engineering … [Read more...]

Far East Countries Best UK for Top Spots in the Under 50 Years Universities Table

Among UK universities, only one has made it to the top 10 of 100 universities under 50 years old of the Times Higher Education magazine world rankings. The number means a decrease from last year, when three made it. University of York is ranked No. 7. The new league table of relatively new … [Read more...]

Ofsted Tells Schools to Push Pupils for Entry into Leading Universities

The education watchdog is set to publish two landmark reports next month to tackle important issues in secondary education. This move is part of initiatives designed to prevent gifted children between the age of 11 and 16 from underperforming, following an Ofsted inquiry which found that state … [Read more...]

Minimal Rise in Teaching Time is Not Proportional to Huge Tuition Fee Increase

The cost of education appears to have increased in exponential proportions when it is equated to the interaction time between teachers and students. In a study conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute and Which? - data say that tuition fees have tripled from 2005/6 to 2012 while the weekly … [Read more...]

Less Investment Put UK Universities at Tail of Top Ten

The international network of universities and colleges, Universitas 21, has ranked the UK as world number 10 when it comes to overall effectiveness of the higher education system. Topping the list are the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. Excellence in … [Read more...]

Underprivileged Standouts to be Encouraged by Government to Proceed to Higher Education

The UK government, through its ministers, will urge top achieving pupils who come from lower-class backgrounds to greatly consider going to university. Research results show that there are one third more number of students from privately funded schools than state funded academic institutions who … [Read more...]

Should Universities Ban Country-Specific Student Groups?

Should Universities Ban Country-Specific Student Groups

Citing that nationality exclusive groups may hinder the intercultural interaction of students which is an important component of international education, University of Sheffield pro vice-chancellor for learning and teaching Paul White says that universities should highly consider banning student … [Read more...]

Rising Donations from Graduates Boost Scottish University Funds

Rising Donations from Graduates Boost Scottish University Funds

Scottish university funding is getting a boost despite pressing issues of rising tuition fees and government budget cuts as part of austerity measures. The current system being followed is two tiered, allowing Scottish and EU students to pay no tuition fees at Scottish universities, while non EU … [Read more...]

Widening Access to Higher Education and Narrowing Gap in Career Achievement

Widening Access to Higher Education and Narrowing Gap in Career Achievement

Universities have been widening their admission to reach students from less privileged backgrounds. Giving them equal opportunities with their advantaged peers is the purpose of doing so. The drive has been successful at the front end of the goal. In general, students from state-funded schools have … [Read more...]

2013 World Reputation Rankings Pose Challenge to UK Universities

2013 World Reputation Rankings Pose Challenge to UK Universities

In the way things are going in the Times Higher Education world reputation rankings 2013, traditionally prestigious UK universities does not have the luxury of sitting on their laurels. This is good news to students as they can realistically expect that if there will be a sure winner in the … [Read more...]