How to Get a Course through Extra

If you have used all five choices and you are not holding any offers you can add another choice through UCAS Extra which starts on 25 February 2016. This is for applicants who were unsuccessful with all their five preferred degree programmes or received offers but did not accept because they decided … [Read more...]

Studying at University this Autumn Semester? Here are 6 tips to help you get started!

Incoming freshers, get your university studies going to a good start and succeed with some specific advice from top head teachers of high schools. Returning students can also make use of these tips to help them cope with their study load. Your high school teachers are some of the best sources of … [Read more...]

Income Sharing Agreement: Solution for Student Loan Crisis?

Only around three weeks left and the UK universities academic year 2015 / 2016 start. And so does tens of thousands of new students' loans in Great Britain. The same is true in the United States where classes start this week. However, there is an emerging alternative to student loans there in the … [Read more...]

A Space-Enabled Future and Present: From STEM Education to Postgraduate

Before this year ends, a British astronaut will be sent to land on the International Space Station. Major Timothy Nigel Peake will launch on board Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA-19M on 15 December 2015. He will be Flight Engineer 1 together with a Russian Flight Commander and an American Flight … [Read more...]

University Application: What to Do If You Have Bad Grades

Results day will be next week, 13 August 2015. A levels and school is through and you are left with no choice but to wait for your results. Some students will get the exam results required for the course and university they chose. Others' grades will be higher than what they hoped for. A few of them … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Prepare to Apply for Oxbridge

The deadline for applications to the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford is yet on 15 October. It is still three months away and yet you are here trying to know more about how to prepare for it. If you want to apply to these Oxbridge universities, you are on the right track. Yes, it is … [Read more...]

Some Essay Exam Blunders at Oxford University

Writing academic essays at university is a problem to almost all students. It should not be for students in a top university. Apparently, it is. Just like the essay writing of students in other schools, that of some Oxford students demonstrated insufficient basic common sense, difficulty in … [Read more...]